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As a sign of respect.

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What happens when the American flag falls?

When the American flag falls, it means that someone VERY important died.

Was ross the first person to make the American flag?

Yes she only did the american flag very first

Why was Betsy Ross contribution important?

Because she was the first person to make the American flag and .... for more keep looking she was the first person to sew the american flag she also designed the stars but george washington designed the rest as in color stripes etc.

Is the American flag important?

Yes, quite.

What does the American Flag symbolize for the US?

There is no such thing as the 'American flag'. Many people, incorrectly, call the US flag the American flag. This is obviously incorrect. There are many other countries in America with their own flag. As with any flag it is a symbol of nationalism. A 'tribe' or society on which values are built and held. Those values may vary within that society but there is usually an overall sense of identity and purpose.

Important people of American flag?

Why i think the American flag is important is because it represents our free nation and that's our sign of knowing everything is alright thte flag is so important and is diffrent 9in everybodys eyes. that's my answer

When an important American dies they fly the flag and this is called?

Flying the flag at half mast.

Who was the person who made the first US flag?

The American flag was designed by Francis Hopkinson.

Who designed the current American flag?

i think it was this person...

Why was the American flag important during the revolutionary war?

They didn't have an American Flag During the revolution but until after the war. They Needed a flag to represent our new country.-EpicMan09

Was the first American flag made out of marijuana?

No, the first American flag was made out of tabocco. The person that made it was left handed also.

Why do people think the American flag is an important symbol of your nation?

Well they think that is important because the symbol of the flag represents the USA.

Are you supposed to look at the US flag or the person singing when you are hearing the national anthem?

The American flag.

Why is Betsy Ross important'?

She made the first American flag.

Why was Robert peary honored for cutting the American flag?

An American flag was placed in the North Pole by Robert Peary, in 1909. Along the way he also left pieces of another flag. He is the only person to be honored for cutting the American flag.

What is the meaning of a black and silver American flag?

It stand for a change of government in today society.

Did Fareti Sotoa was the first person to write about the American Samoa flag?

His name is Uni Fareti Sotoa and he designed the American Samoan Flag.

What kind of proprer noun is American a person place or thing?

The proper noun American is a person: I am an American. The word American is also a proper adjective: American Flag

How do you spell American flag?

American flag is correct.

What are reasons the American flag is important?

The reason the American flag is important is because it show our country's freedom. The 13 stripes stand for our 13 conetists. The 50 starts stand for our 50 states.

Is it the American flag or the US Flag?

The American Flag.

Why is Betsy Ross so important?

Betsey Ross sowed the 1st flag of America she made the American flag.

What flag is raised first the American flag or you battalion flag?

American flag

Why is the American flag important on flagday?

Flag day of June 14th in recognition of the date of the first Congressional Flag Resolution of June 14th 1777.

Why is the Mexican flag important to Mexicans?

Well, as much as the "American flag" is to Americans, the Mexican flag represents the identity and ideals of the nation Mexicans belong to.

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