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Some possibilities include:

1. The Black Sea was given that name because the lack of oxygen in the water prevents the development of microorganisms, making it appear black.

2. It was called the Black sea because it was a Sea of Death. Sailors of long ago, if caught in a storm, usually died because of the absence of islands at which to harbour, and the ferocity of the storms that hit.

3. The intense fogs which develop over the Black sea absorb the light, making the water appear black.

4. At a certain depth its waters become toxic and poisonous.

5. The Black Sea got its name from the Ottoman Turks. 'Kara (Black)' denotes 'North' in Medieval Turkish, as in Kara Denizi- Kara Sea north of Siberian Yakut Turks, similar to Black Sea.

6. It may be because of ancient colors of cardinal directions. Black is North, red is South, and yellow is East.
The Black Sea got its name from the Romans, they called it "Pontious Euxinus", which means "friendly sea". One reason for the Black Sea's name is because of its heavy fogs. They make the water look dark during the winter

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Q: Why is the Black Sea named the Black Sea?
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What two seas are named after colors?

The Black Sea and the Red Sea are named after colors.

What two sea are named after colours?

The Red Sea , The Yellow sea, the White Sea and the Black Sea.

Name two seas that are named after color?

The red sea and the black sea

What are two seas named after their color?

The Red Sea and The Black Sea :D

Five seas named after colors?

Black Sea Red Sea Coral Sea White Sea Yellow Sea

What is the straight between the Black Sea and the sea of Marmara?

nothing there is a country named asbecastan.

What are the seas named by a color?

Well, there are two seas that I know of, that are named by color. One is the Black Sea, and the other is called the Red Sea.

Why is the Black Sea called the Black Sea yahoo answers?

The sea was first named by the ancient Greeks who called it "Inhospitable Sea." The sea got this reputation because it was difficult to navigate, and hostile tribes inhabited its shores. It was later named the Black Sea because of its hostility and mixture of hydroden sulfide. The Black Sea has a depth of over 150 meters, and its waters are filled with hydrogen sulfide for almost two kilometers.

What is the location of Black Sea why it is named Black Sea?

The Black Sea is located in southeastern Europe, with Ukraine to its north and Turkey to its south. Its name comes from the Ottomans: In medieval Turkish, the word for "black" and the word for "North" were the same.

What are the three seas which have colors in their name?

There are four seas named after colours:Black sea.White sea.Red sea.Yellow sea.

What oceans are named after colors?

None. You're probably thinking of the red sea and the black sea, not oceans, as such.

Why is the Black Sea named black the Yellow Sea as yellow and the Red Sea as red?

Because the Mediterranian is relatively clear, and the Black Sea runs into it (via the Aegean Sea, just another name, it's still part of the Mediterranian Sea); the Black Sea appears Black when compared to the Mediterrainian Sea. Visibility is poor and air is almost non-existent in the depths of the Black Sea. The Yellow Sea has sand particles blown onto it by the deserts in China, and give the sea a yellowish appearance when sailing upon it. The Red Sea has a seasonal bacteria upon it's surface, giving it a redish appearance.

Why the Black Sea is named as Black Sea?

The expression Black Sea has a not known and sure explanation today; possible are:- The Black Sea has frequently strong storms; in the antiquity and Middle Age, up to 20th century the navigation was frequently dangerous; and bad was associated with black.- During winter and under clouds the sea surface appear as black.- In the Middle age Turks associated kara (black) with the North.- The Scythic origin of the name seems not credible.etc.

What is black fish about?

black fish was about a killer whale named tilikum and how he was kept in captivity for sea world. and no matter what he did or who he killed they still kept him..

What seas are named after colors?

The Black Sea (N of Ankara) [Landlocked] The Red Sea (Between Egypt and Saudi Arabia) The Yellow Sea (E of Beijing) The White Sea (NE of St Petersburg)

What is the name of an under sea volcano?

I think you may be thinking of the term 'Black Smokers' that scientists have given to the deep sea vents. They are named that, because it looks like they are giving off black smoke.

Which is larger the red sea or the black sea?

black sea

What sea is located in the Black Sea?

Only the Black Sea !

What sea is north of the black sea?

The Sea of Azov is north of the black sea.

Why was the sea called Black Sea?

kasi black sea kaya sya tinawag na black sea

What is the Black Sea?

the black sea is the sea located in the eastern part of reigonThe Black Sea refers to the sea that is between Asia and Europe.

The planet named after the sea god?

Neptune was named after the sea god!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Black Sea lies north of which sea?

The Black Sea is to the north of the Mediterranean Sea.

What sea lies north of turkey?

Black Sea Black Sea

Were there Uboats in the Black Sea during World War II and how did they get into the Black Sea?

If there were U-boats in the Black Sea they could have traveled throug the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea, the Sea of Marmara, the Hellespont, and the Bosphorus into the Black Sea.