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The Bunsen burner is important especially in heating because this can help in making experiments , in boiling water in test tubes , in determining the best flame to be used in the laboratory , and because , there are experiments that need heat and it is essential for all laboratories :)

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How did the Bunsen burner change science?

The Bunsen burner is important but not changed the science.

What is the bunsen burner?

A Bunsen burner, named after Robert Bunsen, is a common piece oflaboratory equipment that produces a single open gas flame, which is used for heating, sterilization, and combustion.The most important alternatives to Bunsen burner are:Teclu burnerMeker burner

Why is the rubber tubing important in Bunsen burner?

It takes the gas to the burner.

Where can you buy a Bunsen burner?

No Bunsen did not create the bunsen burner.

Did Bunsen create the Bunsen burner?

Robert Bunsen invented the Bunsen burner if that is what you mean?

Who made the Bunsen burner?

Robert BunsenRobert Bunsen was the inventor of the Bunsen burner.

When did Robert Bunsen invent the Bunsen burner?

Robert Bunsen invented the Bunsen Burner in 1867.

Why is a Bunsen burner called a Bunsen burner?

because Robert Bunsen made it :)

Why did Robert Bunsen improve the Bunsen burner?

This burner was created by Desaga and Bunsen.

Who invented Bunsen burner?

Robert Bunsen was the person who invented the Bunsen burner in 1855.

Who was the Bunsen burner named after?

The Bunsen burner was named after one of its inventors, Robert Bunsen.

What was Robert Bunsen's contribution to the Bunsen burner?

Robert Bunsen invented the Bunsen burner.

Bunsen burner was named after?

Bunsen burner was named after the german chemist Robert Bunsen.

What is another name for the Bunsen burner?

Bunsen burner is also know as Gas burner.

Why is the Bunsen burner named after Robert Bunsen?

The Bunsen burner is named after Robert Bunsen because he was the key inventor in the progress. He made the Bunsen burner a significant tool to use in the lab!!

What give Robert Bunsen the idea of the Bunsen burner?

It gave him the idea to call it the Bunsen because he invented it and so he decided to put his surname as Bunsen and it is a burner so Bunsen Burner

What year did Mr Bunsen invent the Burner?

Bunsen did not invent the "Bunsen Burner" he only popularized it.

Should the Bunsen Burner be called the Bunsen Burner and why?

yes because it was invented by robert bunsen

What is the difference between a Bunsen burner and a terrill burner?

the deffirence between terrill burner & bunsen burner is that terrill burner has a greater flexibility in the adjustment of the air-gas mixture which bunsen burner cannot .

What equipment is used with a Bunsen burner?

The Bunsen burner, a support for the burner (if it is necessary), a tripod, a triangle.

What controls the gas mixture in a Bunsen burner?

The collar of the bunsen burner

How do you control the height of the flame on a bunsen burner?

lower the Bunsen burner

How well does a Bunsen burner heat?

What is a Bunsen burner heating curve?

Who help Robert Bunsen make the Bunsen burner?

Deric Burner

What are the functions of a Bunsen burner in microbiology?

Bunsen burner is a heating apparatus.