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Why is the Passover so called?


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The passover is called that because when Moses wanted the Pharaoh to let the Jews leave, he refused. The God of the Jews then sent ten plagues to Egypt, the last of which was to kill the first born son of every household in Egypt. God warned Moses, and he had the Hebrew people paint their door lintels with the blood of the lambs they were to have then roasted and eaten for dinner, as a sign to the HaShem that the inhabitants were faithful. HaShem then "passed over" these houses, leaving the first born sons alive.

Jewish Answer

The name 'Passover' isn't the actual name for the holiday, the actual name is 'Pesach'. The Hebrew word Pesach is a contraction of the words 'peh sach' which means 'the mouth speaks'. The reason for this name is because we are commanded to retell the story of Pesach every year so that we don't forget it.