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There are many that feel that there is more than just the life in the physical body as we see it. They feel that there is a spirit or soul that inhabits the body and represents the real individual. This being supposedly lives on. Therefore if you are a believer in the survival of the spirit then you refer to the time after the death of the physical body as the afterlife.

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"After death" (or "afterdeath") does not imply whether the soul lives on, whereas "afterlife" implies that it does. This is the message that this word is used to convey. "Afterlife" means "after life," but it also means "the life after."Otherwise, "afterlife" and "afterdeath" would mean the same thing, with no reason to prefer the latter.

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Q: Why is the afterlife called afterlife when it is after death?
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What is the Egyptian life after death?

it is called the afterlife and next time, please do your homework

What is life after death called as?

Life after death is called the afterlife. Some people believe that when we die, our soul continues to live on. It is also known to some as the hereafter.

Use afterlife in a sentence?

Most Americans believe in the afterlife. (life after death)

What is the name for the belief in after death?

afterlife ??

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People are afraid of death. And of the afterlife. The horror genre attempts to capitalize on that fear.

How did civilizations of Egypt and Sumer differ in their understanding of death and the afterlife?

Egyptians viewed the afterlife as a test, that if you passed you would continue into paradise. Summerians viewed death/afterlife as a dark deep cave.

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They go to afterlife. Life after death.

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What does death life mean?

Life after death is The state of afterlife; existence in heaven

What does life after death mean?

Life after death is The state of afterlife; existence in heaven