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There are two reasons. First the engine is running faster. The AC works by compressing the coolant gas (which heats it up), letting it cool outside the car, then letting it expand (which makes it cool) and letting it absorb heat from inside the car. The compression of the gas takes a lot of force, and that force is coming from your engine itself. Running the engine at a higher RPM gives more available energy to push that "heat cycle" along. The second reason is this: The coolent, once it is compressed and hot, must give up it's heat to the outside air. (There is nowhere else to give it!) The coolent goes through coils to help this, but it's just like any other hot object--it will cool faster if there is air blowing over it. The motion of the car helps provide this aitflow. This is why you AC works best when the car is running. It will work even better when the air is below zero--although you probably won't need it then. :)

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Q: Why is the air conditioner cooler while driving?
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Why does your Ford F150 air conditioner blow hot air while driving but air is cold while idling?

Do you have the recycle air button turned off? If you do you would be sucking in hot air when you are moving but when you stop the outside air stops flowing into the air conditioner and it gets a chance to get cooler air from inside the cab and cool it more. Make sure your recycle button is lit on the dash. This closes off the outside air and just recycles the cooler air from inside the cab.

Why do your car jerk while driving when you run the air conditioner and when its not running?

the air conditioner shouldn't have anything to do with it. there could be a problem with your tires or your driving or your kid could be jumping on the seat

Why do they call it an air conditioner and not an air cooler?

Because in air conditioner keeps the air at a certain condition depending on your preference. An air conditioner can both cool and heat the air.

Does using an automobile air conditioner while driving increase fuel consumption?


Why would a pt cruiser start to stall when the air conditioner is turned on while driving?

Bc is not enough air in the intake....

What is diff between air cooler and air conditioner?

An "air cooler" or "evaporative cooler" cools air by evaporating water. The evaporation process is endothermic and therefore the temperature of the air drops. However, the relative humidity level of the air goes up. This is a common method of cooling air in very dry climates. An air conditioner cools air through a heat exchanger and does not increase the relative humidity of the air.

Can you put ice in a portable air conditioner?

No, you can not put ice into a portable air conditioner. I think you are actually referring to a portable air cooler, in which case, you can put ice into the water chamber.

Is it OK use both air conditioner and evaporative cooler at the same time?

why wouldn't it be?

Does Coleman make a evaporative cooler?

Coleman does make a portable 12v evaporative air conditioner. They do not make a picnic cooler that does this however.

How do you choose an evaporative cooler?

To choose an evaporative cooler, determine the size of the cooler needed, the services of the evaporative cooler, and the correct type of cooler. Consider the accessories required and compare it with a traditional air conditioner.

What Impacts of Air conditioner to mankind?

It has made man cooler during summer. It has the ability to cool the air, therefore making man kind cooler when using an a/c.

Why would a fan runs while you are driving?

There are 2 fans that would be running while you are driving and that is normal... the compressor fan if you have the air conditioner running and the radiator fan runs to help keep the radiator cool while the engine is on.

Why are there water droplets form on the window of an air-conditioner bus?

The interior of the bus is cooler than outside the bus because of the air conditioner. Water vapour outside in the air touches the cooler surface of the window of the bus and condenses to form water droplets on the window.

Why does your car die if you turn on air conditioner while driving and then come to a stop and how do you fix it on a 99 Ford Escort?

the idle air control valve most the time

What could cause a 1996 Toyota Camry to stall after being on the interstate for a short period of time or while driving with the air conditioner on?


What is a synonym for fan?

cooler, air conditioner, ventilator, blower, wing, plane, follower, devotee

How does air conditioning make life easier in the desert?

If there's a plug then it's ok Air conditioner makes the air cooler around you

Why would your car air conditioner run hot when in idle and blows cold air while driving?

Check to see if your condenser fan is running when a/c compressor kick on.

What indicates a problem while inspecting a suction line of an air conditioner?

"What" on the suction line of an air conditioner indicates a problem?

Air conditioner switches to defrost while driving?

Check the following items......... 1. Vacuum leak/leaks. 2. Switch. 3. Controller.

Which one is better the air cooler or the air conditioner?

In the humid warm climate an air conditioner is the solution. In dry hot climate and air cooler (aka evaporative cooler) works best since it cools by evaporation of water and introduces a lot of humidity in the space. An air cooler is not usually recommended (even in dry climate) for rooms where electrical/electronic equipments (such as TV, PC etc) are placed since too much humidity mixed with already deposited dust makes a mess and results in failure. Also air cooler is cheaper in cost as well as operation.

While driving my 2004 Maxima why do I hear a high pitched whistling sound when my air conditioner is running?

This could mean your pump bearings are going bad.

What happens to thermal energy in an air conditioner?

I think that thermal energy is moved from warm areas to cooler areas

Why do you get hot air blowing out your air conditioner?

I get hot air coming out of my air conditioner on the passenger side, while I get cold air coming out the drivers side. Can you tell me why and how do I find the schematic to fix it?

Why is an air conditioner more effective than a fan?

Because a fan only stirs up the hot air while an air conditioner removes humidity as well as cools the air.