Why is the bible both erroneous and without error?

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That is a logical contradiction. It is impossible to be both erroneous and without error at the same time. A better question would be "Why is the Bible erroneous, isn't it supposed to be without error?" The answer to that question is that the Bible was written by mortal men, not an omniscient deity.
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Are there errors in the Holy Bible?

The Bible has numerous errors as measured by differences in the various manuscripts that were hand copied throughout the Bible's history, some are simple omissions, for example, a word or passage was left out of one or more manuscripts. Other errrors would include spelling errors between one copyist ( Full Answer )

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Does the Bible contain errors?

No the bible does not have any errors in it. ___ It depends on who you talk to what answer you are going to get. I believe that there are translation errors, yes, after having it passed down and retranslated so many times by many people, some of which had an agenda and made mistakes or changed ( Full Answer )

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What are the translation errors found in King James Version of the Bible?

The most obvious translations errors are of the words translated into the English words hell, everlasting, eternal, torment. This is due to the fact that the Church of England people liked to threaten the Catholics with hell and the Catholics liked to threaten the Church of England with hell. In 161 ( Full Answer )

If the Bible is inerrant then why are there many historical and archaeological errors?

A: Yes, there are numerous historical and archaeological errors in the Bible. We therefore have to decide whether to continue to believe it is inerrant and, if so, what we mean by this. Some would say the Bible is inerrant on matters of faith, but not necessarily on history. Others would say if we ( Full Answer )

How many books are in both Bible testaments?

There are sixty-six books of the Bible . 1. Genesis 2. Exodus 3. Leviticus 4. Numbers 5. Deuteronomy 6. Joshua 7. Judges 8. Ruth 9. 1 Samuel 10. 2 Samuel 11. 1 Kings 12. 2 Kings 13. 1 Chronicles 14. 2 Chronicles 15. Ezra 16. Nehemiah 17. Esther 18. Job 19. Psal ( Full Answer )

Why Bible translation of copy are error?

Most copyist variants are mere matters of spelling and style and as such are easily discernible. When the text was altered by copyist, no essential teaching of the faith was compromised.

What type of belief says the Bible is literally true and without error?

A: Fundamentalism is a movement originating in American Protestantismin the early part of the twentieth century, that stresses theinfallibility of the Bible not only in matters of faith and moralsbut also as a literal historical record. Although fundamentalistsbelieve the Bible to be literally true ( Full Answer )

The Bible is without error when reading it?

Yes, that's a wonderful book in comparison to other religious books. The Bible does not have any errors, it is perfect in every way. It has the answer to any question you might have. God is perfect, so is the Bible inspired by God It depends what you mean by errors. Typographical errors are the f ( Full Answer )

Are there any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in the Bible?

A: Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in a translation are a different thing to spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in the originals. But yes, they did exist. Mark's Gospel has attracted attention because, while the author displays considerable skill in the Greek language, he wrote in a ( Full Answer )

World without end in the bible?

There is one world, and one earth. The "world" as you say won't end, but the earth will be somewhat "destroyed" during the End Times and rebuilt for all of God's children to enjoy and walk with Him on. So there is no end to the world, but there is an end to the earth. The End Times are closer than w ( Full Answer )

Did the translators of the King James Version of the Bible believe that their finished work was perfect and entirely without error?

One of the instructions given to the translators was to follow the Bishops' Bible as closely as possible, otherwise to use Tyndale's, Coverdale's, Matthew's, Whitchurch's or the Geneva Bible. The King James Bible was not so much a new translation, but a revision of existing English translations. Ano ( Full Answer )

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Who went to heaven without dying in Bible?

Enoch & Alia Another Answer : As strange as it may sound, NO Man except the Son of Man has ascended into heaven - the 3rd heaven and Throne of God (John 3:13). But even He died. Many Commentaries will explain to the reader that Enoch was 'walking with God' or a friend of God because h ( Full Answer )

Why are 2Kings and Isaiah 37 both in the Bible?

You have to understand that the bible is a collection of books, an anthology. There was no unifying attempt in the creation of the bible merely a uniting of all the books deemed holy. So if content was repeated in two or more books it remained repeated in the compilation. Much can be said for the bo ( Full Answer )

Why was the Quran revealed after both the Torah and the Bible?

Among other reasons, Quran was revealed after the Bible and Torah for the same reason the Bible was revealed after the Torah. This is to reorient faith in God (Allah in Arabic) and God worship to the right path. . One of the primary objectives of revelation in the Quran is to call people to worsh ( Full Answer )

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What do the Jewish and christian bible both contain?

There isn't so much a Jewish Bible, as there is the Tanakh, and the Old Testament of the Christian Bible is effectively the same as the Tanakh. This results from the fact that Christianity originated as a Jewish sect.

What is the meaning of without spot in the bible?

In the King James version the phrase - without spot - appears 11 times, generally in reference to the appearance of animals which are to be sacrificed or given in offering, and refers to being unblemished, perfect in appearance. When used of people it refers to the same concept, but meaning wit ( Full Answer )

How many errors in the Bible?

Zero. The Word of GOD is the infallible, inspired, inherent, and perfect Word of GOD. The Word of GOD is built: "precept upon precept, line upon line," Isaiah 28:10, 13. The Word of GOD is "the inspiration (Breath) of the Almighty giving them understanding (consider diligently)," Job 32:8, and 2 Tim ( Full Answer )

Was the Hebrew bible written once without error?

That is unlikely, particularly because there is no clear consensuson what constitutes an error. It is, however, filled with spellingerrors, and these errors are actually preserved in modern editionsof the Hebrew text.

Was the bible written without the use of a dictionary?

Answer # 1 The biblical texts precede all dictionaries. Dictionaries did not start come into use until after the invention of the printing press. Biblical text (the Hebrew Scrolls) are known to have existed since Moses wrote the first 5 scrolls, some 3500 years ago. Answer # 1 ends

Why do people say that the Bible does not contain errors?

The Original Writing doesn't have errors, but all other verses do!there's many added words and even Mark 16:9 on was added to latermanuscripts. Paul's writings are very hard to understand saysPeter, but unless we study and check these mistakes out, themeaning gets changed on some scriptures. We also ( Full Answer )

Are there books in the traditional Protestant Bible we can do without and why?

A: Martin Luther felt that the Book of Esther should be removed from the Christian Bible because it lionises the Jews too much. There is no mention of God in the entire book and it serves no religious purpose. It is now known that this book was written as a novel in the second century BCE. The Boo ( Full Answer )

How the bible can be used both in public and in private?

One thought is that the Bible can be taken to most public areas and read and studied. . The Bible can be read and studied at home inside or outside. . Most certainly in some countries the Bible can be taken into church.

How do you solve a square root without trial and error?

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Are there no errors at all in the Bible if so what kind are they?

The Bible has all kinds of errors, if it is examined as anythingother than a possible spiritual guide. . It gets science wrong in a number of places (especially asconcerns literal Creation and Noah's Ark). . It gets logic wrong in a number of places (especially whereomnipresence, omniscience, and ( Full Answer )

Can personal interpretations of the bible be erroneous?

Most assuredly, any piece of writing can be interpreted in morethan one way. Even in legal writings where the author strives to eliminate anyand all ambiguities, another lawyer will try to pick apart thebrief and interpret it in another way. Religious tomes are rife with ambiguities and are fodder ( Full Answer )

Why were there 52 errors in the Bible?

A: I am afraid there are far more than 52 errors in the Bible. Even ifwe accept the religious truth of everything in the Bible, there arevery, very many scientific and historical errorsin the Bible, aswell as contradictions and anomalies. The Bible is a book of faith,not a book of fact.

Who in the Bible went to Heaven without dying?

The first book of Genesis says that God took Enoch (the seventhfrom Adam the first man) to heaven so that he did not die. And thebook of II Kings chapter 2 tells us that God took Elijah up in afancy way as well so that he did not die either. Other than that,so far as we know. These are the only two ( Full Answer )

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What does erroneously mean?

It means in error, something that done by mistake. Words likewrongly, mistakenly and incorrectly are synonyms.