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Motor getting tired and needs replacing

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Q: Why is the blower motor too slow on the 2000 tracker?
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Can a run capacitor start a blower motor running it slow and causing it to overheat or is it a bad motor?

Yes, a bad capacitor causes blower motor to become slow or stop. Since bad or shortcapacitor will make the surge of current and tripping of circuit breaker.

What would cause my blower motor on my truck to slow down while driving If you tap on it it usually comes back to full speed but then gradually slows down?

The blower motor is tired. It will eventually blow a fuse and/or burn out the blower motor speed resistor. Time to replace the blower motor. Also check connections for high resistance damage (melted connections).

What causes the interior ventilation fan to work only at maximum speed on a Pontiac Montana 2000?

AnswerMost likely you need to replace your blower motor. It is more likely that your blower resistor is burned out, which controls fan speed by "resisting" how much amperage makes it to the blower motor, depending on which speed your switch is on. High speed goes straight through with no resistance, the lower the speed the more resistors it is routed through, to slow the blower motor. Therefore, if your fan works on high speed and nowhere else, the motor is good but the resistor pack is completely fried. If a couple of speeds work but not all, it is partly fried. Check your manual for location of this component (usually on the blower box) and replace it.

How do you change the blower motor on a 1994 Chevy Caprice Classic?

No answer on my question, of how to, so I did the uninstall and installation of the blower motor. I hope this will help the next person. ***The blower is directly below the glove box towards the firewall. Be careful in this area, as there might be sensors under there somewhere for the air bags (not sure). The passenger air bag is right above the glove box in the dash board.Uninstalled the blower motor. 1. Take off the plastic cover below the dash directly below the glove box board on the passenger side by unclipping. An easy task. 2. Once the cover is off, you will see a plastic cover with three screws in it towards the firewall...this is the blower motor under the plastic cover. It will have a pipe looking shroud as part of the cover that connects to the housing with a sponge rubber seal. Disconnect the connector that connects power to the blower motor. 3. Mover the side wall carpet (towards the passenger door) out of the way, as you have to lower the blower motor and this will be in the way. It is a small plastic piece with carpet on it. You might have to unscrew part of the plastic piece that connects to the front door frame to remove the piece with the carpet. Be careful not to force anything as these parts get brittle with age. 4. Move any other connectors out of the way. 5. Unscrew the three screws that hold the plastic cover and blower motor in place. Install the new blower motor. *****Check the new blower motor and ensure it is the right part. *** Test the new blower motor by connecting it to the power source. Be sure to hold the blower motor by the rear end, as it can hurt you if you are not careful. Be smart and do it slow. Be sure the fan switch is on low so not to knock the motor out of your hand. After the motor starts on low, then you can check the other speeds. 1. Clean the cover that was covering the old blower motor as you will use it again.2. Place the new rubber seal in the slot on the new blower motor housing. 3. Place the blower motor in the plastic blower motor cover. 4. Install the blower motor into the area of where the old came out by matching the screw stubs and holes together. Be sure to match the pipe looking shroud to the hole with the sponge rubber seal it had, as this area needs to seal also. I believe the shroud provides air flow to the blower motor to keep it cool running. You will find taking the blower motor out is easier than installing, as gravity is not on your side, plus you are working upside down. Just take it slow! 5. After the blower motor is secure in place, connect all of the connectors you disconnected during the uninstall, and place all of the other things back that you had moved. 6. Final check... test the work you just finished.

What causes a blower motor to cut on and off in a 1992 Toyota Previa?

that 's tell you that the brushes in the air blower are gone and you need to buy a new blower usaly cost around 150 dollars It could also be the blower motor switch or resistor, I had an intermittently bad switch that would cause "medium-high" to go regular speed and very slow. If the blower fan works good in different positions like high, then it could be one of these other 2, usually cheaper and easier to replace items.

Why would your blower fan resister stop working?

Because for each speed except the higgest one, to slow the motor of the fan, a resistor is choose and it's a big resistor, bigger to slow the speed and after long use or if the motor is defect (use to much currant), the resistor burn and no currant can pass trough

How do you replace blower motor Jeep Wrangler?

1995 jeep wrangler yj. Heater fan seems slow to start (barely turning to full force) , and sometime not even running. Fan blower motor ? Wiring? How do i go about changing motor? I own a 2005 and recently had fan speeds stop working, I know that you can try checking on the fuse for the blower motor and the resistor, if either one has gone bad you'll lose the fan, otherwise it could be the motor, I know on the TJ its on the passenger side underneath the dash behind the glove box. The repair manuali own is for YJ's and TJ's so I'd look there, should have a wire harness that ends at the blower motor and goes through the resistor.

How do you replace a 1999 mountaineer motor blower resistor?

The blower resistor is typically the problem with manual HVAC when the blower switch only operates at the high setting (4). This is because the three (slower) settings go through this resistor pack to slow down the blower motor. First find the blower motor. It is on the passenger side of the engine compartment attached to the firewall and you can easily confirm it by simply turning on the blower to full and listening when the engine is not running. If you are facing the blower motor pretend it is a clock face. Look down at the 5 o'clock position below the blower motor and you will see a 3x1" resistor module that is attached with two 8mm screws. The resistors themselves are not visible because they are on the inside where they can be cooled by the blower air. There is an electrical plug attached to it. The screws are not very easy to reach, so you might want to have a universal coupling for your wrachet to give you an angle. So just unclip the electrical plug, unscrew the two screws, remove/replace with the new blower resistor and reconnect the electrical plug. If that doesn't fix the problem, you probably have to check for connectivity at the electrical plug attached to the blower resistor you just installed.

Why does the three lower speeds on the heater not work and it smell like something is burning 2000 dodge stratus?

MSN Autos reported the blower motor problem as a resistor failure on the blower motor. In plain English, this means that the resistor on the fan motor which tells it to slow down to a lower speed than "max" is burnt out and no longer completes the circuit. If your heater is on & the fan isn't blowing, it's like a toaster in your dash, with no toast in it. It'll just smell like burning. Apparently it's a cheap fix. The resistor just has to be replaced.

Where is the blower fan resister in a 2002 Chevy Prism?

Your question needs clarification - are you asking about the heater blower fan or the motor cooling fan? The heater blower may have a series resistor that is used for running the fan at slow spped. The resistor may be inside the box that holds the heater blower. It could be an open coil of wire that looks like a spring. The motor cooling fan usually runs at one speed, thus there is no series resistor. Are you instead asking about the resistance of either fan motor. You might find that listed in a repair manual. Try your public library.

What makes your fan run very slow 1997 dodge van?

If you are saying it only runs on low speed and will not run on medium or high, then the Blower Motor Resistor Pack is probably defective. Replace it.

What causes blower motor to melt fuses?

blower moter coil windings shorted, motor spinning too slow than normal (increase current draw), short circuit in wiring, excessive amp or current draw in blower circuit than what is protected by amp rating fuse for that circuit. maybe even having too many loads (electrical devices on at once) especially if all these devices are connected in a parallel circuit and power is bridged.

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