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It's a combination of the flags of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It does not have a single "that" color.

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Q: Why is the color of the UK flag that color?
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What color is London's flag?

red and white UK flag colours: red, white and blue

What is fourth color of the UK flag?

There isn't a fourth colour, the UK flag (Union Jack) colours are: Red, White and Blue. See related link..

What is the color of the UK flag?

Red, White and Blue. It is known as the Union Flag, or sometimes erroneously as the Union Jack.

What is the flag of UK based on?

The UK flag is a mixture of the older flags.

What color does the flag end with?

the color that end on the flag is red

What color was Henry Hudson flag where he lived at?

flag color

Which flag inspired another flag in reverse color?

The Swiss flag Swiss flag inspired the Red Cross flag in reverse color

What is nickname of the flag of UK?

The real name of the Flag of the UK is called the Union Jack.

What color is a pit stop flag?

It depends on whose flag it is. But the flag has the number and the base color of the car on it.

In the Irish flag which color is placed closest to the flag pole?

Green is the color closest to the flag.

What color is the union flag?

The Union still used the American flag. It has 50 stars and 13 strips representing for the 13 colonies. To see a picture of the flag, go and look at this website.. The Union flag is also the name of the flag for the UK. It is red, white, and blue

What was the color of the union flag?

The color of the Union flag was red, white, and blue. It looks similar to the modern American flag.