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Why is the earth not a perfect sphere?

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because it two poles on the Earth causes it to bugle out in the middle.

It spins on its axis and the centrifugal force makes the part at the equator bulge out slightly.

symtrifical force my friend. as the earth spins, rock, water, everything on the side is pushed outwords as if you spun a rock on a rope around, it would push outwords.
Earth is not a perfect sphere because the rotation of the planet has slightly distorted the shape.

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What sphere do you live in?

The sphere that we all live on is called the Earth. (It is not a perfect sphere, but close enough)

True or false earth is a perfect sphere?

Earth is not perfectly sphere, the Earth bulges at its equator for it is spinning very fast on its axis.

The earth is a perfect sphere?

no its flat at the top and bottom

If the earth were a perfect sphere how deep would the water be that covered it?

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Measurements taken from space show the earth to be?

a perfect sphere

Is it a fact that the earth is round?

Yes, for a suitable definition of "round". It is not a perfect sphere.

What is the gravitational potential energy at the center of the earth?

Ideally, if the earth were a perfect sphere, the gravitational potential energy would be zero. In the center of a sphere all other points within the sphere have an equal and opposite counterpoint. They work to cancel each other out. However, the earth is not a perfect sphere so there would likely be a gravitational pull towards the area with the greatest mass.

What shaped the earth?

The gravitational magnetic field surrounding the earth is what shaped the Earth into a perfect sphere. Others argue that God shaped the Earth.

Is the earth round yes or no?

Almost but not quite. The polar regions are somewhat flattened so the earth is not a perfect sphere.

What are some similarities between the earth and moon?

they are in space they both rotate they are not a perfect sphere

What is the benefit because earth is not a perfect sphere?

so that we don't slip ......................... i know it is not true

What gives earth its true shape?

It's rotation. Earth would naturally have achieved hydrostatic balance (perfect sphere) as it cooled. Eons of spinning on it's axis has slightly flattened the poles, giving earth a very slight "oblate" shape as opposed to a perfect sphere.

What are the two spheres of Earth?

The Earth is not flat it is a sphere and it is a perfect sphere as well, People used to say that that the earth is flat but it is not because you can prove it like, at a end of an horizon you will fall off if it is flat but you wont fall off because it is round which is really a sphere but the thing is that THE EARTH IS NOT FLAT!

Why do photos from space show the earth as a perfect sphere?

Earth is not a perfect sphere; it is slightly wider across the equator than it is from pole to pole, but that difference is less than a percent of Earth's average diameter, too small for the human eye to notice.

Is a sphere a perfect circle?

no, it is sphere is not a perfect circle. because sphere is 3dimensional figure and circle is 2 dimensional figure

What is a sphere shape look like?

A perfect sphere is a perfect round ball shape.

Why is the value of acceleration due to gravity varies from place to place on the surface of the earth?

Because the earth is not a perfect circle or perfect sphere. So at the poles, the force of gravity is ls different from that from the center of the earth.

What is the surface area of the earth and how do you come up with the surface area?

Lets pretend that the Earth is a perfect sphere. Surface area of a sphere = 4(pi)(radius)^2. The radius of earth is 6378.1 km. Plug that into your equation and you'll get your answer.

What is spheriodical?

It is something that is sphere-like, but not a PERFECT sphere.

Is the sun a concave polyhedron?

No, the sun is very nearly a perfect sphere. It is probably an oblate spheroid, as is the earth.

What is the perimeter of earth?

The earth does not have a perimeter. The Perimeter is the distance around a circle. The earth is not a circle, but a sphere (sort of). The measurement around the earth is the circumference. Because the earth is not a perfect sphere, the circumference is different depending on whether you measure it horizontally (the equator) or vertically through the poles (Meridian).

Is Earth triangular?

No; that was the myth thought to be true before Christopher Columbus discovered that the earth was round. The earth isn't a perfect sphere either. It is egg shaped.

Is the diameter of the earth greater at the equator or from pole to pole?

The diameter is greater at the Equator, because the Earth is not a perfect sphere but is flatter toward the Poles.

Is Earth a sphere or an ellipse?

The shape of the Earth is a sphere.

What are the evidences that prove that the earth is round?

The earth has been proved to be round like a sphere because there are cameras and satellites to prove that the earth is round, just because the earth is round doesn't mean that it is a perfect sphere. It has bumps and isn't all even.Pictures from space