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-Because it was the fist telescope that can see outside our solar system.

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Q: Why is the hubble space telescope so special?
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Why was the Hubble Space Telescope related to Edwin Hubble?

Edwin P. Hubble is related to the Hubble space telescope because he suggested that we launch a telescope into space so they named it after Edwin's last name, Hubble.

Why is the hubble telescope so special?

It is speacial because It can observe the heavans much better than ground telescopes. It is also the largest and most versatile space telescope

Is the Hubble SpaceTelescope a satellite or a space probe?

A hubble space telescope is a space probe which is in orbit around the Earth so it's a satellite.

Where did the Hubble Space Telescope visit?

It is a telescope and not a probe, so it doesn't really visit any place.

How far does the hubble telescope travel?

He doesnt travel.. The Hubble telescope is stationairy and only in space to bypass the atmosphere. The Hubble telescope maginfies so much, that if you are beneath the atmosphere, you get a blurry image. Like looking through a dirty window. So they shot it in space. Beyond the "dirty window".

Why was the hubble space telescope so effective?

because it was so cool and everyone like it

Why is the Hubble Space Telesope helpful to astronomy?

The Hubble Space Telescope is the greatest telescope ever built. It's important because it takes pictures far out into the galaxy so astronomers can study them. BTW I want to be an astronomer.

How does the Hubble Space Telescope readjust its viewing angle so that it points at a particular spot in space?

Because it feels like it

Why does the hubble space telescope has solar panel?

So it can gather energy off the Sun and store it in the panels.

What is the name of a famous refracting telescope?

NASA's most famous telescope is probably the Hubble Telescope that orbits the earth.

What is the main advantage of the hubble space telescope?

The main advantage of the Hubble Space Telescope is in it's name. It's in space! With a ground based telescope, the light that the telescope is looking at must travel through our atmosphere where it can become distorted and manipulated. Looking through a telescope on a windy day is much worse than on a calm day for example. Also, in space there are no clouds or day time, so Hubble can be looking and doing research 24 hours every day.

How does hubble telescope accomplish?

The Hubble Space Telescope is designed to see deep into space. So it has taken many fascinating photos of the outer reaches of the universe, or in our own galaxy. It has accomplished taking many photos for scientists to study, and for us to see.