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Because the moon is really cold and dark and does not produce it's own light. Instead the sun, which does produce its own light, shines on the moon which makes it look like it shines white light [or makes the moon look white] when its not. Its just the reflected sunlight from the sun. Also the reason why the sun produces a yellow color is because of some type of crucial chemical or chemicals mix and make the color and I also think the billions of hot gases inside it might have some effect on the color too.

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Q: Why is the moon white in color although the sun is yellow in color?
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Why is the moon a yellow or white color?

because that's how it is

What two colors make the color of moon?

I think yellow and white makes the color of moon.

What color is the moon-?

The color of the moon during the day is faint and white surrounded by the blue of the sky while at night it is bright yellow.

Why is the moon yellow in color or when is it in yellow color?

Because the sun reflects off of the surface of the moon which makes the yellow color. Since the moon is constantly revolving and rotating there are phases.

Why is the moon white in colour and the sun yellow?

Sun is a star and self illuminating, where as moon is a natural satellite of earth which is not have self illumination property but the sun light from sun made it illuminate and appears as white in color.

Why does the moon get big and has a yellow color sometimes?

coz its a moon

Is the moon yellow?

the moon is not yellow it is grey and white a bit of both i should say really!

Why is the moon yellow?

The moon certainly appears to be yellow at times, and sometimes it will also look a brilliant white or silver, or orange and reddish. It depends on how clear our atmosphere is and what angle it is being viewed from earth. In reality, the moon is mostly shades of the one color - an ashen gray. The sunlight reflects from it and casts shadows on the low areas which appear to us as a darker color than the rest.

Why is the light reflecting from moon white?

It is because light has no color and it simply takes the white color from the moon when it is reflected on it.

Why is the moon pale yellow and not bright yellow like the sun?

The moon only reflects from the sun, that's why the color is not that vivid.

How do you get yellow moon orchid?

You get a yellow moon orchid if you are lucky. You have to wait until the plant is fully grown and then you will see what color you get!

Does Jupiter have volcanoes?

No, although there may be upwellings in the dense lower atmosphere. There is no solid surface on Jupiter as there is on Earth or Mars. Jupiter's moon Io, however, has liquid sulfur volcanoes that color the moon a bright yellow.

What is tha colour of moon?

Yellow and white

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What color is the color of the moon?

It is white......wait, oh yes, just checked. It's white.

What color should you color the moon?

You should color it red off white...a creamy color off white...a creamy color

In the new moon trailer what color is bellas birthday cake?

it is striped, the colours are: -yellow -green (different shades) -white

What is the color of the moon titan?

yellow with a slight tint of orange.

What is the original color of moon?


What color was today's moon?

it is white

What color is the earth's moon?


What color is the full moon?

Grayish, sometimes w/ an eerie yellow.

WHY is the moon yellow or white?

the moon looks white when all of the light from the sun reaches the surface. sometimes the moon's atmospheric particles become denser than usual causing not all of the beams of light to travel through. only the yellow ones make it through.

What color is Lo the moon?

it is white and grey