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Nile River is famous because it is the longest river in the world. it is also said that it is where the second civilization of men sprouted where the first is in Mesopotamia now known as Iraq.

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Any there famous waterfalls along the Nile?

Yes there is the famous Victoria Falls that the waters of the river Nile flows over.

What are the worlds most famous rivers?

the famous is the river nile

Why is the Nile so famous?


What is the famous canal in Egypt?


What is the name of a famous delta?

The Nile river

What is the most famous river in Africa?

The Nile

What is the famous plant along the Nile?


Is there a famous bridge crossing the river nile?

There is a bridge called the Qasr el nile bridge

Does the Nile flow through Memphis?

The famous Nile River is in Africa. The connection between Memphis and the Nile is that Memphis was named after the ancient capital of Egypt which was located on the Nile in Africa.

What is the name of a famous landform delta?

Nile Delta

The famous dam on the river Nile?

The Aswan Dam.

The famous river of Africa?

Probably the River Nile.

Which delta is the famous delta in Egypt?

Nile delta

What is the famous river in Egypt called?

The famous river in Egypt is called The Nile River.

What are some famous rivers in the world?

the famous rivers are the river Nile, the Amazon and the river Thames

What famous stone was found in the nile river?

Rosseta Stone

What does the river Nile has the most famous of?

Historically the pyramids and the Sphinx.

Which famous river runs through Sudan?

The Nile River.

What famous landmarks are ther along the nile?

there r none

What famous features does the river Nile have?

Historically the pyramids and the Sphinx.

Why is the Nile River famous?

because its the longest river in the world.

What are the famous sites along the Nile River?

The pyramids and the Sphinx.

3 famous rivers in Africa?

The Nile, The Congo and the Zambezi

What is the name of the famous dam across the nile?

The Aswan DaM

What is the most famous place in Egypt?