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Because the population density is so much lower.

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Why is the population of Wyoming less than the District of Columbia?

Harsh enviroment and we like it that way.

What 3 US states have less population than North Dakota?

There are two states, Vermont and Wyoming, which have a smaller population than North Dakota. The District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.) also has a smaller population than North Dakota.

What is the state with the less population in the US?

Wyoming has the smallest population but Alaska has the lowest population density.

What has a population count less than Alaska?

North Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming.

What US state has smallest the population?

Wyoming, but Washington DC has even less if you count that...

What state has the lowest population?

Answer Wyoming has the smallest population with a total of 532,668 residents. This is less than Alaska and Washinton D.C!

Which district has more population in Tamil nadu?

Chennai Perambalur less

Only blank has a population count less than Alaska?

North Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming.

What is the state bird of the District of Columbia?

I guess this would be the district bird or city bird but they have one none the less. The bird for this (location) is the Wood Thrush, adopted in 1938.

Which states have the least Hispanic population?

Montana and Wyoming are the western states with the least Hispanic population, although states farther east may have less.

What is the population of Wyoming per square mile?

Wyoming's population density is 6 people per square mile. Wyoming ranks 49th among the U.S. states based on density. Only Alaska has less people per square mile.

How many house members can a state have?

It depend on the state population. As of the 2010 census each house district contains an average of 709,000 residents. It does vary from state to state due to rounding and every state gets at least one Representative. A State with less population like Wyoming with 563,000 population gets one Representative. On the other hand Montana, with 989,000 population still gets only one Representative because it is about 74,000 short of getting two. Each district within a State has to be approximately equal.

What state has less square miles than Massachusetts?

Vermont, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island, and the District of Columbia.

When was Work Less Party of British Columbia created?

Work Less Party of British Columbia was created on 2003-07-07.

How many people are represented by each member of congress?

The exact figure varies from district to district, but the number is generally aproxomatly 600,000. Sometimes, because of the formula that is used to devide up districts this number can be unequal especially for states with one representative. For example Montana's at large district has over 900,000 people in it, while Wyoming's has less then 500,000. Senators represent their whole state, so that number varies wildly, with the two senators from Califoria representing the largest population, and Wyoming the smallest.

Which is the district in kerala less seashore?


Which district in kerala has less seashore?


Is Vermont the most populated state in new England?

The estimated population in Vermont as of July 1, 2016 was 624,594 per the U.S. Census Bureau. Vermont is the least populated state in New England. Wyoming is the only U.S. state with less population.

Where are most of Canada's population?

Ontario and Quebec have the most people by far. British Columbia, on the coast comes in second. The maritimes and prairies have less people. The territories have next to none.

Do you need a motorcycle license to ride an ATV on the street in Wyoming?

No, the only time you need a Motorcycle license in wyoming is if the vehicle has 3 or less wheels

What is the minimum electoral votes per state?

Every state has a minimum of three electoral votes, because each state is allowed to appoint a number of electors equal to the total number of Senators and Representatives representing the state in the U.S. Congress, and every state has two Senators and at least one Representative. Also, although the District of Columbia does not have Congressional representation (since it is not a state), the U.S. Constitution has been amended to allow them to appoint a number of electors equal to the total number of Senators and Representatives they would have in Congress if they were a state or the same number of electors as the state with the lowest population, whichever is less. There is currently one state with a smaller population than that of D.C.: Wyoming.

Which is the less populated district in Tamil Nadu?


Which district in kerala state has less seashore?


Which district in kerala has less sea shore?


What are the importance of reproduction with reference to the human population on Earth?

More reproduction, more population. Less reproduction, less population.