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Why is the position inverted when you look through a microscope?

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To keep the answer very simple, the specimen being viewed is inverted when light passes through the objective lens (carrying the image) , which is usually convex in nature. So if you view something which is already "inverted" it would get corrected, i.e appear right.

(The bending of light is called a refraction, which causes the image to bend along with it.)

2009-09-23 01:11:33
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Q: Why is the position inverted when you look through a microscope?
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Where do you look through on a microscope?

You look through a microscope through a part called the eyepiece.

Why is letter e inverted when you look at it under the microscope?

The letter e is inverted under a microscope for one very important reason. Microscopes invert images due to their complex reflection mechanisms.

When did Robert hooke first look through a microscope?

He first looked through a microscope in 1665

How objects look different when viewed through the light microscope?

Objects viewed through a light microscope look a lot bigger.

How would the letter e look under a microscope?

If you're using a compound light microscope (as you most likely are), it will appear to be upside down when you look through the objective lens. The lenses of the microscope provide an inverted image. As the magnification is increased, the clean lines of the letter will appear ragged where the ink was absorbed into the paper. These small imperfections are practically invisible to the unaided eye.

What are lens you look through on a microscope?


What is the microscope eyepicee used for?

where we look through

What can you look at through a microscope?

ya MUM

Where you look in a microscope?

Through the uppermost lens.

What you look into the microscope through this part?

The eyepiece.

What is a TEM microscope?

A TEM is a transmission electron microscope. This microscope fires beams of electrons through a sample to look at it.

How scientist classify rocks?

they look through a microscope

How do we look at onions through a microscope?

focous into the lense and look towards the stage

One name for the lens you look through on a microscope?


What is the lens you look through on a microscope?

an eye piece lens

Contains lenses you look through on a microscope?

ocular lens

What part of the microscope contains the lens you look through?

The eyepeice

What is dot or point?

It is a mathematical concept which looks like a full stop. It has a position (in space) but has no dimensions - that is, it has no length or width (unlike a full stop - look through a microscope).

What is the name of an object you see when you look through the ocular lens of the microscope?

Objects do not get new names because you are looking at them through a microscope; if you put a hair under a microscope, then it is still a hair when you look at it. Microscopes are often used to look at cells, bacteria, pollen, minerals, etc. You can look at lots of things. The names do not change. Cells are still cells, when examined under a microscope.

What do you call the glass thing that you look at through a microscope?

The sample being observed under a microscope is mounted on a 'slide'.

Who were the first two people to look at cells through a microscope?

me and reg.

What do you see if you look at raw meat through a microscope?

raw meat

What did Robert hooke look at through his microscope?

he looked at a piece of cork

Why is the image when viewed through the microscope?

It would look upside down.

How do you look for vacuole at onion cell through light microscope?

you dont