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the progressive tax system is the ideal one because it would not be unfair to the people whose income are less because the more you earn, the higher your tax rate.So it means that people who earn less will pay less tax rate while those people who earn more will pay more tax rate. That's the good thing about progressive tax system.

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Q: Why is the progressive tax is the ideal tax system?
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What is the tax stratagy where the consumer pays a higher tax rate as income increases?

a "progressive tax" A "progressive" tax system. == ==

What is the definition of a progressive tax system?

A progressive tax system is a system where the tax rate increases as the amount of the taxable base increases as well.To know more about progressive taxes, visit the link below:

What does a progressive taxation system do?

it increases the tax as income rises

In a progressive tax system as income increases the percentage paid?


What does the progressive taxation system do?

It increases the tax rate as income rises.

What is a progressive tax structure?

What is Progressive Tax Structure

Is gasoline tax progressive?

No. Most gasoline tax in not progressive. It is a tax per gallon.

What is a progressive tax system?

a tax system that takes a larger proportion of income from high income people than from low income people

Is an income tax a progressive shared proportional or regressive tax?

progressive shared

What is the best definition of a progressive tax system?

a tax system that takes a larger proportion of income from high-income people than from low-income people

Is inheritance tax progressive or regressive?


What type of income tax system does the tax rate or the proportion of earnings taken out in taxes is greater for higher incomes?

This is a progressive tax system. Those with the most money will have to pay the most in taxes. This is the system used in America.

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