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Why is the sasa important to the Samoan culture?


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because its only a samoan traditinal dance! and its important to its culture and dance!

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Food is important to any culture, for without food, you perish.

It could be because tradition and culture is important to the Samoan people. As a sense of belonging, language is also considered just as important when identifying that you are a proud Samoan.

The other different samoan dances include the mauluulu, the sasa, the faataupati, the taualuga and the siva afi.

A samoan sasa is a special traditional dance. Except you sit down and do moves on the ground. You hit the ground with your hands and do slaps on your knees. You do not use a song but a pakie (a kind of bongo drum but long and you use sticks).

It opens up the world of ideas culture history music poetry etc. of the Samoan- a culture that is based on spirituality dignity and mutual respect.

Family is everything to a Samoan

its sacred to them. so for those of you who arent samoan yet wanna get one, iWouldnt go widdit. bkuz the samoan spirits will haunt you. NO JOKE. & for those of you who already have it yet arent, well... GOOD LUCK.

Elvis culture is Samoan and 40% Mexican

In Samoan culture, most activities are done together. There are 3 main parts in the Samoan culture, that is faith, family and music. .. God && Family Always Comes FIRST!:)

The matai system is a chiefly system of tradition dating back to before any colonialism and missionary arrivals. Its important to the Samoans because it makes us who we are. It is our tradition and heritage. Passed down from generation to generation. Like ANY nationality, our traditions and culture is what makes a Samoan be proud to be Samoan.

Samoan dances represent a number of things. Ranging from ones' heritage, family background or simply Samoan culture and traditions as a whole.

Beauce white sunday is one of the special event in the samoan culture. Its the special ceremony for each one of you especially the childrens. This is the way why samoan people may have their christchian ways. They beleive in God and that why they celebrate White Sunday and become a Samoan culture ways

Sasa Petrovic goes by Sasa.

Elvis is Samoan and mixed Mexican

so they could represent their culture

Being polite is important in Samoan culture, so saying please after every command is a MUST. "Give me some sugar please" = "Aumai se ta suka fa'amolemole"

Sasa Blackoff's birth name is Sasa Schick.

Sasa Djordjevic's birth name is Sasa Djordjevic.

Sasa Kuzmanovic's birth name is Sasa Kuzmanovic.

he is half black, half samoan.

I don't know who that is but ask them..............sasa people.............. I don't know who that is but ask them..............sasa people..............

Anyone and everyone. Its usually performed in groups (i.e; church youth groups, schools, etc) But anyone can perform long as you know the actions.

Im guessing kiuga is junior? Lol. and the rest is Im about to come hit you in the head

FK Sasa was created in 1968.

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