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Q: Why is the stereomicroscope also called the binocular microscope?
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Why is a stereomicroscope also called a binocular disecting microscope?

In What direction does an Euglena move?

Why is a stereomicroscope also called a binocular dissecting microscope?

It produces a three-dimensional image

Why is a binocular dissecting microscope also called a stereomicroscope?

Because the word "stereo" indicates more than one. Like the difference between mono and stereo sound.

What is a one eyed binocular called?

it is called a spyglass It is also called a monocular.

What is a simple microscope also called?

compound microscope

Is the objective lens in a microscope also called a eyepiece?

No, the eyepiece and objective lens are at opposite ends of the microscope.

What is the nosepiece on a microscope?

the part of the microscope that holds the objective lens also called revolving nosepiece or turret

Where can someone purchase binocular accessories?

You can purchase binocular accessories online from stores such as Cabelas. Alternatively, you can also purchase these accessories from retailers such as Amazon.

A magnifying glass is also called a microscope?

No. These are 2 different things.

Where can someone purchase a microscope camera online?

eBay has some cheap used or new microscopes if you want to look there or on Amazon. There is also a website that is called the Microscope Store that has a lot of microscope cameras.

What is eyepiece in a microscope?

the eyepiece of a microscope is called an ocular lens and you look through to see whatever you are trying to look at, plus it also magnifies, usually 10x.

Parts of the microscope that contains the ocular lens?

The ocular lens, also called the eyepiece lens, is at the end of the compound optical microscope body opposite the objective lens.

Is the objective lens and a microscope also called the eyepiece?

No, the objective lens of a microscope, a telescope, or a camera is at the end nearest the object being observed - that is why it is named the objective lens.

What are the uses of binocular microscope?

The microscope has greatly evolved in terms of utility and function. It's not just used in laboratories or in the field of medicine. The microscopes of today can also be used for various fields. One field is that of art restoration wherein art materials and antique pieces can be closely examined through the use of microscopes. To learn more about microscopes and its uses visit the website in the link below.

How are microscope different from today?

BEfore it is a microscope and now is also a microscope

Why is the light microscope called a compound microscope?

Because it is made up of more than one lens. A simple microscope is make up of one lens (a hand held magnifying glass can also be considered as a simple microscope). In a compound microscope, one cannot see the magnified image until both the lenses are used.

The relationship of the cell and the microscope?

A cell is a structure which is present inside everything in this world and a microscope is an electronic machine which enables people to see these cells. A cell is classified into plant cell and animal cell and a microscope is classified into electronic microscope and ordinary microscope. Plant cell has cell wall and cell membrane and animal cell has vacuole and nucleus. Electron microscope uses electrons and an ordinary microscope uses simple glass plate. There is also another type of microscope called light microscope which uses light.

Why are light microscopes also called compound microscopes?

Light microscopes are called compound because a light microscope has more than one lense.

What is a shop microscope?

A shop microscope is a small microscope used in a microscope laboratory. They are also used in electronics production facilities.

What did Anton van Leeuwenhoek name what he saw through his microscope?

van Leeuwenhoek called the organisms he saw in his microscope "animalcules." also he shined light on specimen so that he could see the right cells.

Who invented the light microscope?

The light microscope also called the optical microscope uses visibale light and a system of lenses. The actual inventor is difficult to name although Galileo's microscope was celebrated in 1624 and was the first such device to be given the name "microscope". There are claims that a Dutch spectacle-makers Hans Janssen and his son, Zacharias Janssen, but this was a declaration made by Zacharias Janssen himself during the mid 1600s.

Why cant the cell surface membrane be seen under a light microscope?

The cell membrane (also called the plasma membrane) is only about 7 to 9 nanometers thick and cannot be resolved by the light microscope"

What reflects light to the specimen on a microscope?

The mirror, which can also be called the light source. It reflects the light.

Which microscope is often used to view metal surfaces?

Metal samples among others can be viewed by a light microscope. The light microscope, also known as an optical microscope, can view microorganisms.

Part of the microscope made up of 2 or more lens?

The body tube of a compound optical microscope contains the ocular lens, also called the eyepiece lends, and the objective lens system which consists of one or more lenses.