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The deep red colour that is present in tomatoes, pink grapefruit, guava and watermelon is caused by lycopene, a carotenoid. Other carotenoids include beta-carotene and alpha-carotene, which give carrots their orange colour. Carotenoids are fat soluble and so in the human body are found in fatty tissue and transported by lipoproteins. They act as dietary precursors to Vitamin A and aid the immune system. However lycopene has a greater property than food colouring. It is a strong antioxidant, which can help to combat degenerative diseases such as Heart disease. It was found that increased concentration of lycopene gave an increased protective effect, so the most concentrated food sources, like tomato puree and ketchup, are better protectors against these diseases. However the human body cannot produce this molecule and needs to obtain it from tomatoes in our diet. High lycopene foods like soup are the most effective against degenerative diseases

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What is the meaning of the simile 'as red as a ripe tomato'?


It may be red but which of these is not a real tomato?

Apple tomato

How many calories are in a red tomato?

1 red tomato (medium-sized) has about 22 calories.

Which vegetable works best for dying?

tomato juice tomato juice tomato juice no no no onion skins red and brown,red beets

Is a tomato red?


Why tomato is red?

Genetics determine the color of a tomato.. Generally a tomato turns red as it becomes ripe. Tomatos come in several colors depending on the type of plant.. Red,yellow,orange and of course green.

How can you tell the difference of chicken soup and tomato soup?

Tomato soup is orange or red and tastes like tomato.

What is a sentence with the word tomato?

I like tomatoes. I grow tomatoes. A tomato is red.

What colour is a ripe tomato?

Red not Green or Orange, but Red

What is a Mexican tomato called?

There are two kinds: green tomato called "tomate verde" and red tomato called "jitomate".

Is a green tomato the same as an unripe red tomato?

no, it just happens to be the same color.

How much protein in a tomato?

The amount of protein found in a tomato is 1.1 grams. This is in a red tomato that weighs about 123 grams on average.

What color is red apple comparable to?

Blood, Tomato, Red pepper, Red grapes

What are the symptoms of tomato fever?

Red rashes on the skin and sweating are some of the symptoms of the tomato fever.

What organelle in a tomato plant gives the tomato its red color?

the color pigments are known as chromoplast

Why is a tomato red?

Because of the presence of lycopene.

What colour is a tomato?

they are redand also a fruit

What makes pasta red?

The Tomato Sauce!

What parts of a tomato are edible?

the red parts

What was the appearance of a tomato pulp?

red and soft

Why is Jack Parkes so red?

He is a tomato!

What was the red revolution in India?

meat and tomato

How does a green tomato turn red?

It ripens

What are 2 properties of tomato juice that you would be able to observe?

I am able to observe the color of tomato juice (red) and the phase of tomato juice (liquid).

Why do tomato sauce stains stain?

Tomato Sauce has a chemical in it called Lycopene.Lycopene is the chemical in a tomato that gives it a beautiful red colour.... Hope this helps!