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the light cant reach. No light noheat

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Q: Why is the water in the midnight zone so cold?
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What is aphotic zone in the water?

It is so cold.

What is water pressure in the aphotic zone?

It is so cold.

What zone is known as midnight zone?

the lowest part of the ocean where it is so dark that it looks like midnight

What is is known as the midnight zone?

the lowest part of the ocean where it is so dark that it looks like midnight

What zone of the ocean does the coelacanth live in?

In the so-called "Midnight Zone" about 2,00 feet deep.

What zone that closed in new zeraland?

The zone that closed in New zealand is temprate zone this zone is so very cold but sometime is summer spring or autumn. New zealand is same zone with Japan.Japan is cold too.Thank you.

Is the deepest point in the pacific ocean called the midnight zone?

The Marianas Trench is the deepest point of all the oceans and is located in the pacific ocean. The deepest parts of the ocean get no sunlight at all because they are so deep. This is known as the midnight zone.

Why does your bed feel cold at midnight?

Cause at midnight that's when you start to lay down sometimes. and the reason the bed is always cold at midnight is either because you have a fan on in your room and the cold air pushes through the air and lands on the bed. or it is really cold outside and you have no curtains to block the cold air so the air comes throught the window and on to every single thing in the room.

Why is it so hot in the Temperate Climate Zone?

A temperate climate zone is one where the temp. are nevewr too hot or cold so this question is not valid

Why metal turns cold when put in cold water?

cause you put it in cold water... so it makes it cold.

Is groundwater found in the saturated zone or the unsaturated zone?

Groundwater is found in a saturated zone, meaning that since there is so much water in the soil, theres just water.

How much sunlight does an ocean get?

Most of the visible light spectrum is absorbed within 10 meters (33 feet) of the water's surface, and almost none penetrates below 150 meters (490 feet) of water depth, even when the water is very clear.