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Why is there USM personnel in Germany?

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There is USM personnel all over the world, not just Germany. We have military all over the world to protect us against conflicts and uprising.

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ANSWER:The United States Military is regarded as the most "Capable" military by many leaders and people around the world. The USM came to be known as the most "Capable" military in the world when it won its first victory against England during the American Revolutionary War of 1775. England at the time had the most feared navy in the new and old world which played the most important role in any military. After the war against England in 1775 the United States would prove again to the world its military power by being victorious in many battles and wars to come.Famous Wars & Battles Won by the USM:Defeat of England - American Revolutionary War of 1775 - 1783Defeat of The Ottoman Empire - The First Barbary War of 1801 - 1805, The Second Barbary War of 1815 - 1816Defeat of Mexico - Mexican-American War of 1846 - 1848Defeat of The Confederates States - American Civil War of 1861 - 1865Defeat of Spain - Spanish-American War of 1898Defeat of the Axis Powers - World War 2 of 1939 - 1945Defeat of the Soviet Union - Cold War 1947 - 1990Defeat of Iraq - The Gulf War 1990 - 1991NOTE: It should be heavily noted that the current "war" in Iraq (2003 -) is not a conventional war but a more or less an occupation of Iraq as there is no official Iraq military fighting against the USM. It is currently a joint operation with the New Iraq Army.NOTE: USM current ongoing efforts in Afghanistan are a cooperation with the Afghan government.NOTE: The "Vietnam War (1959 - 1975)" was not a formally declared war. Vietnam was a Peacekeeping/Military intervention and also to prevent aggression from communist forces in the area. Also pressured by its own people the USM had little choice but to back down. Theoretically speaking the USM would have won this "conflict" by every single aspect. The use of full military scale attack was at disposal, the use of a full nuclear assault was also possible, and of course the embargoes. The United States lacked a reason for "attack" against Vietnam and it seemed trough the public opinion of the world as an "Adult taking candy from a baby". The US Congress said that it was a "Police Action".Public and Political Opinion:The United States politics and citizens also play a major role in the USM examples of these can be seen in current efforts in Iraq and previously in Vietnam.Facts:Money - A military needs money to buy the most up-to-date armory which is effective in countering the opposing militaries; fuel its ships, airplanes, vehicles, and much more armory that requires any type of fuel; feed their military personnel by food, and their weapons and explosives by ammunition. The USM has the highest defense budget of any other country in the world totaling an estimated amount of $623 billion-dollars (2008) leading the second ranked country (United Kingdom $70 Billion-Dollars 2008) by $553 billion-dollars.Personnel - Personnel is useless if the militaries personnel; are under trained, unarmed or under equipped; they have or utilize old and or weak armory, too little armory or small numbers of trained personnel for operating vital armory. A military needs personnel to combat in the battlefield and operate machinery or equipment. To be a member of the USM you must be between 17 - 45 Y/O and must have a High School Diploma or a High School Diploma Equivalent and pass certain "Moral"(Criminal) and "Medical" Exams. The current (2007) ASP or Active Service Personnel of the USM has about 1.426 Million personnel and a Reserve Force of 1.458 Million which brings the total to about 3 Million Military Personnel also the USM ranks second only to China in ASP.Corruption - The USM is the most corrupt-free military in other words orders are followed, there is justice even for the high-ranking personnel. Some militaries such as the Russian, and Chinese carry a heavy burden of corruption and injustice. The USM has made a Court dedicated to prosecute offenders who violate rules, laws, policies, and regulations.Moral - The USM is currently a volunteer military and thus no one is forced to join, the United States does not have conscript during peacetime as of yet however, during the past decades (1980 - e2008*) of conflict the USM has relied on its volunteer military. Unlike other large countries like Mexico, Russia, China, etc... that normally have a form of conscript even during peacetime the US does not. Having a conscripted military may bring down moral of soldiers. Many reasons that will bring down a conscripted military personnel moral are as follows; forcibly leaving behind family members, friends, pets, school, jobs, etc... Where a volunteer military may be made up of mostly patriotic citizens of their respected nations, these personnel know and understand what the reality of war may bring upon them such as death, loss of limb, loss of combat friend, destroying opposition, marital troubles, etc... How a military personnel is psychologically will greatly determine the amount of success in the battlefield, and at home.Technology - Modern Technology can be used to spy on other militaries and thus can pinpoint locations of important targets such as military officers, stockpiles of armory, battle plans, training camps, and vital infrastructure. It can also be used to counter the opposing militaries' technology. The USM has the most modern arms currently available thanks to its defense budget. The USM has more quantity in any armory than any other nation or country in the world such armory includes but not limited to Vehicles, Bullet Resistant Gear, Tanks, Airplanes, Nuclear Submarines, War Ships, APC's, UAV's, Firearms, Explosives and Ammunition, and many more. The USM also has more highly trained personnel qualified for operating this and more type of equipment which is a necessity.Current Ongoing Major USM conflicts:Iraq - About 170,000 USM Personnel (2003 - 2007)Afghanistan - About 19,500 USM Personnel (2001 - 2007)Occupations and or Deployments - The USM is the only military in the world to have occupational forces worldwide and in all the contents in the world. This makes the USM the most prepared country for invasion, counter attack, and a major deterrent for any other country that tries to attack or to invade the U.S. or any one of its allies.AFRICA: *180 USM Personnel (2007)Kenya - 153 USM Personnel (2007)Egypt - 29 USM Personnel (2007)ASIA: *75, 890 USM Personnel (2007)South Korea - 26,477 USM Personnel (2007)Japan - 48,844 USM Personnel (2007)Diego Garcia - 311 USM Personnel (2007)Hong Kong - 10 USM Personnel (2007)Indonesia - 19 USM Personnel (2007)Singapore - 115 USM Personnel (2007)Thailand - 113 USM Personnel (2007)AUSTRALASIA: *50 USM Personnel (2007)Australia - 26 USM Personnel (2007)Marshall Islands - 26 USM Personnel (2007)EUROPE: * 93, 015 USM Personnel (2007)Germany - 63,958 USM Personnel (2007)Greece - 948 USM Personnel (2007)Italy - 11,693 USM Personnel (2007)United Kingdom - 10,967 USM Personnel (2007)Spain - 1,268 USM Personnel (2007)Norway - 3 USM Personnel (2007)Turkey - 1,365 USM Personnel (2007)Belgium - 1,367 USM Personnel (2007)Portugal - 864 USM Personnel (2007)Netherlands - 444 USM Personnel (2007)Greenland - 138 USM Personnel (2007)Middle East: *286, 885 USM Personnel (2007)Iraq - About 170,000 USM Personnel (2003 - 2007)Afghanistan - About 19,500 USM Personnel (2001 - 2007)Qatar - 158 USM Personnel (2007)Bahrain - 2,333 USM Personnel (2007)Kuwait - 10(?-Check) USM Personnel (2007)Oman - 1 USM Personnel (2007)United Arab Emirates - 37 USM Personnel (2007)NOTE: Please note that the "other" capable countries such as Britain, France, Germany, Japan and others have or had USM troops in their soil in very large numbers. The USM also has treaties that allow them to Re-Station in some countries were they were before.United Kingdom - 10,967 USM Personnel (2007)Germany - 63,958 USM Personnel (2007)Italy - 11,693 USM Personnel (2007)Japan - 48,844 USM Personnel (2007)France - 71, 530 on 1957 to about 70 USM Personnel (2007)NOTE: SOME CONTINENTS MAY NOT BE LISTED OR NUMBERS MIGHT BE SLIGHTLY INCORRECT FOR FULL LIST CHECK THE LINKS AT THE BOTTOMNuclear Arsenal - Having a Nuclear Arsenal gives a military the ability not to use conventional ground forces for invasion but the ability to use major indirect fire against other nations or countries. The USM has about 12,000 nuclear weapons some with a missile range capability longer than any other country 8,100 miles (13,000km), Russia has the largest nuclear stockpile in the world at or about 23,400 nuclear weapons but some with shorter missile range 6,800 miles (11,000 km), and limited launch location only inside the Russian Federation, territories, and or allies. The U.S. has nuclear weapons in other countries for faster delivery to the opposing nation(s).Intelligence - Intel is very useful in war. United States has by far the best Intelligence Agencies over the world compromising of the CIA and many others.PBS Sub-link http:/ SECURITYhttp:/ ARMYhttp:/

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That would be 16.. Dana from usm in ms

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It is usually -2; don't forget the negative! dana at usm in ms

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medical personnel. staff personnel. supply personnel.

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