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The hair is thick and dark so shaving isn't going to remove that. The best thing to do is wax if you don't like the shadow.

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Q: Why is there a big dark shadow on some armpits even after shaving?
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If you shave your armpits even though there is no hair there will it grow faster?

Scientific study has determined that shaving hair does not cause it to grow quicker, darker or more course. So No. wait. are you a girl or a dude?

Why do you get big red pimples under your armpits and every time you shave them pus will even come out of them?

The pimples are razor bumps or burns. To help prevent them try using baby oil before shaving. You can even try some hair conditioner.

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AnswerSwollen lymph nodes. You have lymph glands in your under arms, and they can become sore, sometimes you can even feel a knot, if your body is fighting on infection or illness. Not much you can do about it, just wait for it to go away.Also it could be cellulitis which is an infection in the dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin. The most common reason why it forms in the armpits is bacteria gets into the skin via small cuts from shaving your armpits. See your doctor, and he/she will give you penicillin to take.

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