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If you rip a DVD using special DVD ripping tools you will often see the same image of some flowers at some point on the disc. I have seen this but I do not know the meaning or purpose of it. Sorry I couldn't be more help but I am interested in the answer as well.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-21 16:23:12
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Q: Why is there a picture of daisies secretly encoded on so many DVDs?
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What format for DVD plays in a?

DVDs which are encoded as Region 4 are compatible in Australia

What kind of video file is use to watch on DVD player?

DVDs are encoded in MPEG format. Some newer DVD players can also play WMV, DivX, and Xvid-encoded videos.

How does a handbrake work?

it converts dvds or movies and picture or music vidios from u torent or CD or dvds and uploads them to iPod or .. something else

What is the normal price range for blu ray dvds?

The cost of blu ray dvds ranges from about $10 to $20. This is only a few dollars more than standard dvds; however the picture quality is far superior and definitely worth the price difference.

Why do you think many motion picture are still released on DVDs instead of BD-ROM?

less expensive

What is meant by a code free DVD player?

Code free DVD players are playback devices that can ignore the Motion Picture Association of America's (MPAA's) controversial region coding program. With a code free player, one can watch DVDs encoded for any particular region (such as playing a Chinese disc in America). This effectively circumvents the Association's attempt to limit viewing based on geographic data.

Does Netflix carry Blu-ray DVDs?

Yes it does!click on the picture of the movie and it should say on top of the description "Blue-ray"

Can DVDs made for wide screen TVs be viewed on full screen TVs?

Yes, but there might be black bars across the top and bottom of the picture.

What exactly is the difference between HD DVDs and DVDs?

HD DVDS are DVDs that can be played on high definition TV players. The regular DVD can be played on any TV and is not in the same definition as the HD DVDs.

Is Blu-ray worth it?

Blu-Ray discs are more expensive than DVDs, but Blu-Rays have louder sound than DVDs do and better picture quality. And the image of a Blu-Ray disc on an HDTV looks like you really are in the place that the screen is displaying

Can you watch DVDs on all computers?

You can watch DVDs on any computer that has a DVD player and software for playing DVDs.

How can I grab data DVDs hd DVDs video DVDs into a blank DVDv disc?

You can use DVD Copier

Were dvds around before 1997?

DVDs were invented in 1995.

How do you watch DVDs on Sony nwz?

You have to convert the dvds first.

How many DVDs does x plane have?


Should you write DVDs or DVD's meaning a number of dvds?

singular DVD, plural DVDs (digital versatile discs)

How do you rip DVDs to r4ds?

You need a DVD drive to rip DVDs then you may need to get software that can convert DVDs to r4d

What are single sided double layered dvds?

the are standard DVD disks where data is on one side and a picture or something is on the other side (like most DVDs). Double layer means that there are 2 layers inside the disk to store data on, instead of one, which increases data capacity.

Do DVDs that are from US work on DVD English DVD players?

DVDs are usually encoded with a region number. North America is number 1 and Europe is region 2. In order to play a DVD, the disc and the player need to be coded as the same region. Most US DVDs therefore won't play on most English players. There are a handful of players that ignore the region code but most are third party modifications and often will not be covered by any manufacturer's warranty. Yes, you need a multi-region DVD player to solve the region code imcompatible issue.

Will upconvert DVD player give better picture on ed tv broadcast?

no it wont, a upconvert DVD player will only upscale DVDs and not interfere with normal tv.

What is the difference between dvds and CD roms?

CD offers capacity of about 700MB while DVD offers about 4GB space plus better sound and picture quality

What are the benefits of DVDs vs VHS?

you dont have to rewind and fast forward , you can have specaial features because you use your remote to choose your options where you can't do that in vhs and the picture is better and the discs don't damage as easily as tapes and usually the picture quality is better .

Will region 4 DVDs play in Ireland?

Ireland is in Region 2 for DVDs, so Region 4 DVDs will not play in Ireland.

Can you watch DVDs on a PS3?

You can watch DVDs and Blu-rays on the PS3.

What is dvds?

dvds are a type of tecnolgy that you watch through a DVD player