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TopicsIt is often completely arbitrary why we have one category and not another.

For the most part, we try to let new sections grow naturally. We've been finding that it's better to divide up general categories that have become too large than to set up relatively empty categories from the start.

That said, if you would like to actively participate in a category and could help us get it started, e-mail us at Wiki s @

(See the Related question.)

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Q: Why is there no WikiAnswers category for this or that topic?
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What kind of answers can you make and catagorize in the category WikiAnswers Local category?

No answers can be added to the WikiAnswers Local category.

How do Supervisors access the answered and unanswered questions in a given WikiAnswers category from the category page?

When on the category home page (not the category topic page) you should see all the answered questions. To get to the unanswered questions in the category there is a link to unanswered questions above the name of the category. If you are not seeing a list of questions you probably are looking at the topic page instead of the category homepage and will need to use the browse categories page to get to the category homepage instead.

Why are there no questions in the 'WikiAnswers Local' category?

"WikiAnswers Local" is a placeholder category for questions about certain countries. No new questions should be added to the main "WikiAnswers Local" category.

How do you make a new sub-topic on WikiAnswers?

You can't do it yourself, but there are links all over the site to contact the administrator and ask for a specific category.

Is there a category on WikiAnswers for Architecture?

There sure is! Questions and answers on the topic of Architecture can be found by clicking on this link:

Where are new unanswered questions in a WikiAnswers category?

If you go to a category homepage there is a link to Unanswered questions above the category title in the top left. If you do not see this you may be viewing a category topic page instead of the category homepage. The easiest way to get to a category homepage is by clicking on "browse categories" in the left-hand toolbar and then searching for the category.

What category on WikiAnswers has the least questions?

That would be WikiAnswers Local.

Who is the supervisor of the 'Questions about WikiAnswers' category?

The supervisors for the 'Questions about WikiAnswers' category are Kamuna and Dino10.

Which WikiAnswers category has the most questions?

The most popular topic would be the Uncategorized category, which has a whopping 11,817,405 questions as of October 18, 2014. The next most popular category is the Math and Arithmetic category with 1,400,706 questions. The third most popular category is the Celebrity Births Deaths and Ages category with 1,029,523 questions.

Why is there no snowmobile category on WikiAnswers?

There is now a snowmobiling category under Sports.

Which WikiAnswers category has the most supervisors?

The "Math" category with eight Supervisors.

What category are Quakers under?

In WikiAnswers there is a category called 'Quakers' it is a sub category of 'Religion and Spirituality'.

Why doesn't WikiAnswers have a Geography category?

It does. If you click on the category of "Science," you will see the sub-category of "Geography."

Would it be easier to make Questions About WikiAnswers Website have its own category instead of being in Miscellaneous?

We do have the category Questions About WikiAnswers and a category Questions about Questions get put in misc or uncategorized when a user does not choose a category.

What is the strangest question that has been asked on WikiAnswers?

WikiAnswers has a category called 'Most Amusing Questions Ever Asked on WikiAnswers'. The category is home to many amusing questions that also goes under the category strange, unusual, weird, etc. Below is the link to the category.

Is there any incident in the past that mirrors this situation?

Yes, there have been very many incidents in the past in which someone has posted a question to WikiAnswers that refers to an unspecified topic or category.

Is there a category for psionics on WikiAnswers?

No, not yet. There are currently (June 2010) only a handful of questions on this topic. If there are enough questions to warrant opening up a subcategory, we will be happy to do so.

Is there a category on WikiAnswers for Zwinky?


How do you write a sentence using category?

This question is in the WikiAnswers category for example sentences.

Is there a category on WikiAnswers on Ancient China?

No, but you can request it by emailing your idea to WikiAnswers @ (no spaces).

How many questions must there be on a topic to establish a new category on WikiAnswers?

There is no set number of questions, but there should be approximately 50. Beyond this the main requirement is that there be a participant who is enthusiastic about participating in the topic area, and ideally, supervising it.(See the Related link for the form to request a new category.)

Is there a Gordie Howe category on WikiAnswers?

No, not yet.

Why isn't furries a category for WikiAnswers questions?

At the time that is question was ased there was not enough questions related to the topic to create one. Since then more furry questions were asked and a catigory was created.

Should Mr Trololo have a category on Wikianswers?

For a certain topic to have a new category created for it, it needs to be justified - there needs to be over 100 current questions relevant to that topic. Though an internet celebrity, there just isn't that much one could ask about Eduard Khil, so any questions about him could go under one of the internet categories.

What are the guidelines for suggesting a new category?

There are only 2. 1. Make sure the category you'd like to suggest does not already exist. 2. We ask that you do a search of all WikiAnswers questions pertaining to the topic of the category you'd like to suggest. If more then 100 results come forth that relate to that topic then it's worth making a category for. How to: Select the "Search" option at the top-right of any page on WikiAnswers, search in "Questions" and type in the category you'd like to suggest. Let's say the category you'd like to suggest is Pizza, type "Pizza" in the search bar and if 100+ results come up, it's a category worth suggesting. After that, you may contact a Community Assistant and they will consider that category for creation.

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