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There is loads of dust. There isn't any wind to blow it around into accumulations and into patterns like we see on sand dunes on earth. Because dust is so fine and evenly spread, it is hard to see in the photos

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Q: Why is there no moon dust on the moon rocks in the photos?
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What was on the moon?

Rocks, dust, and a thin atmosphere.

Is the moon made of dust and rocks?


Is the moon made out of rocks and dust?


What is moon Io made of?

rocks,dust, and possibly water

What did the crew members on Apollo 11 collect?

The astronauts collected moon rocks and moon dust.

What info did apollo11 bring back?

They brought back moon rocks as well as moon dust.

Why is the moon covered in cheese?

the moon is not covered in cheese it is naturally rocks dust sand etc

What did Neil Alden Armstrong do when he got on the moon?

He got down the ladder and walked on the moon , collecting moon rocks and moon dust.

Did Apollo 12 collect anything from the moon?

Apollo 12 also collected moon rocks and moon dust as well.

Has man ever brought anything from the moon?

Yes. Ponds and pounds of moon rocks and dust.

Why did neil Armstrong bring back rocks and dust from the moon?

They are going to test if life could live on the moon.

What is on the surfaces of moon?

There are craters on the surface of the moon