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Why is there no spark going to the coil?


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2004-08-15 05:24:45
2004-08-15 05:24:45

BeCause the COIL makes the SPARK..IF U don't have the CORRECT voltage going 2 the positive side of the coil there will not B any spark.


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To amplify the voltage going to the spark plug

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Most automobiles will not start with a nonfunctioning coil pack. The coil pack will cause the spark plugs not to fire.

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get a new coil. a coil on an engine is designed to take a little power and make it into BIG power. also check wires and connections going to coil. your problem sounds like the coil though. good going in, nothing coming out. there's your problem.

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To check a coil you just need to take out your spark plug but leave it plugged into the coil and ground the spark plug while trying to turn it over. If it is a good strong spark than your coil is fine. If it doesn't spark than unplug the wire going to it and try it again if it doesn't spark than it is a good chance your coil is bad. if it does spark than it is a wire problem. Also make sure that your spark plug is gaped correctly, usually at about 0.030.

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No. The coil provides the spark and the module tells the coil when to spark.

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