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The duct work probably runs through an area that is hot and humid, i.e. attic space, and it isn't insulated.

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Q: Why is there water coming from the air vent in the house when the ac is on?
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Why is cold air coming out of air conditioner return vent inside house?

is your fan running in the correct direction? are any of your ducts blocked?

If the air in a room has a lower temperature than the air coming out of a floor vent from a forced air heater how would heat flow?

from the air in the vent to the air in the room

Why is water in intake vent of air conditioner?

The A/C extracts water from the air.

Why is fog coming from car vent?

The air conditioner is low on refrigerant.

Why can a gurgling noise be heard from outside the house every time the toilet is flushed?

In order for water to flow down a pipe, there must be a vent to allow the air to escape. Above a toilet, on the roof, there is usually a pipe or a vent hood, which is connected to the drain pipe. When the toilet is flushed, the sound of water draining can be heard issuing from this vent. In addition to the above answer, the air rushing through the water may be the cause of the gurgling sound, which is the air escaping through the vent to prevent the build up of air pressure inside your water system.

How you would know if your car need freon?

the air coming from the vent is warm

How can you remove air from water pipes?

Install an Automatic air vent

How cold is the air coming out of the vents when the air is on?

It's somewhat cold. It's just very little cold air coming out. Can't hear the vent blow the air as well.

How do you get a ball out of an air vent at your house?

you cant so do not turn it on or else your house will catch on fire

How to Drain air out of water pipe?

Install an automatic air vent on the line

What temperature should the air coming out of the vent be for a properly functioning central AC system?

The air from the vent should be 18 to 22 degrees F lower than the temperature of the air going into the return.

Why is a rotten egg smell coming from your air vent?

A rotten egg odor may indicate a dead rodent or animal in or near the ventilation system, whether in a house or car.

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