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Q: Why is this area not yet a state Darwin?
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What connection did Darwin make between the Galapagos tortoises and their environments?

Darwin noticed that different, yet related, animal species often occupied different habitats in the same area.

What is the area of City of Darwin?

The area of City of Darwin is 112 square kilometers.

Is Brisbane or Darwin a larger territory?

Neither Brisbane nor Darwin is a territory. Brisbane is the capital city of the state of Queensland, and Darwin is the capital of the territory known as the Northern Territory. Brisbane is larger than Darwin in both area and population.

What is the area of Darwin in square kilometers?

Darwin, Northern Territory's area is 112.01 square kilometers.

What is the area of Roman Catholic Diocese of Darwin?

The area of Roman Catholic Diocese of Darwin is 1,352,212 square kilometers.

What is the area whose capital is Darwin?

Darwin is the capital city of Australia's Northern Territory.

What is one thing Darwin did not know about how natural selection worked?

Charles Darwin had no knowledge of genetics, which had not yet been discovered.

What animal did Darwin study the most?

Darwin loved collecting beetles. Yet he studied birds closely on the Galapagos Islands.

What state is Darwin in?

Darwin is the capital City of the Northern Territory, Australia. The Northern Territory is actually a territory rather than a state.

What is the state territory of Darwin?

The Northern Territory

What were the impacts on Darwin of the bombing?

Some ships were sunk, light casualties and infrastructure damage. The Darwin area was built up into a military base for the area.

What the name of Charles Darwin's book?

The name of Charles Darwin's book is The Origin of Species. It was, and still is, a very unpopular book. Why this is is yet to be found.

Theory in a sentence?

Darwin's theory of evolution is a valid yet unproven theory.

What state is closest to papua New Guinea?


What Australian state capital has the smallest population?


Why is Darwin in the Northern Territory not a state capital city?

because it is in a territory not a state.

What is the telephone area code for Mount Darwin Zimbabwe?

The telephone country code for Zimbabwe is +263. The area code for Mt. Darwin is 0276, or +263 276 in international format.

Who was the first to state plants were composed of cells?

Charles Darwin

Area whose capital is Darwin?

Northern Territory.

Why did Charles Darwin not become a docter like is father wanted?

Anesthetic had not yet been invented. Darwin could not bear to watch the horrific experience of surgical patients.

What does Darwin's Law of natural Selection state?

Survival of the fittest, basically.

What is a good question to ask Charles Darwin?

What was your theory of evolution and what did it state

What city and state was Charles Darwin born in?

Charles Darwin was born in Britain, which does not have states. His birth town was Shrewsbury, which is the county town of Shropshire.

What was Charles Darwin's personality?

No-one knows because the time machine hasn't been invented yet

Middle name Darwin D Martin?

Darwin's middle name is David. There is a state historic site of a house that Frank Loyd Wright designed and built in 1903 that is named the Darwin Martin house.