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Q: Why is tungsten used the filament of the bulb?
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What is used as a filament in a bulb?

I believe it is tungsten.

What is a light bulb filament?

the filament is the metal peice in a bulb that glows.Tungsten is most often used in a lightbulb.

Which metal is used in making filament of a bulb?

The metal is Tungsten.

What element is used in a light bulb as a filament?

Usually tungsten.

What element is used as a light bulb as a filament?

Usually tungsten.

Which element is used in a light bulb filament?

Tungsten is an element. It is used in bulbs

Light bulb filament?

What is Tungsten

What is filament in a bulb?

The filament is the small coil that glows when the bulb is on. I believe its made out of tungsten

How tungsten filament made?

Tungsten filament is used in the creation of the light bulb. It can be made in different shapes like coiling, and horizontal or vertical helix.

What is the filament in the light bulb called?


What is the filament inside a light bulb?


Why did Thomas Edison recreate the light bulb?

Edison perfected the light bulb by refining the filament. He used tungsten