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It is important because if the experiment or experimenter is not a very trustworthy person then that often also makes the information he gets from an experiment invalid.

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Q: Why is validity important in science experiments?
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Why is planning experiments important to study?

Only when experiments are planed, carried out and analyzed can we know if our hypothesis is true and our methods are reliable. Oncethis is achieved, repeating experiments prove validity.

Why are ethics important when condsidering experiments?

It is important that people are not harmed for the sake of science.

What is Causal Validity?

Causal validity is also referred to as internal validity. It refers to how well experiments are done and what we can infer from those results.

Which discipline occupied an important place in Greek science?

Dualistic thinking...and Experiments.

Why are goggles important to wear when doing a science experiment?

Some science experiments involve substances that would be dangerous to get in your eyes.

Why is experimenting important to science?

Scientists use experiments to either confirm or disprove their hypotheses. Without this experimentation, science could not advance.

Why is experimental work important to science?

Science is based around experimentation and then creating a theory to support the evidence found through your experiment. Therefore with out experiments you have no science.

What is the most important if research is validity?

What is the most important if research is validity?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of true experiments?

Advantages:Best design to establish causalitypower to detect effectsDisadvantagesInternal Validity issues - confoundsCannot examine some important social problems experimentallyExternal Validity issuesConstruct Validity issues - We do not know which part of the operational or conceptual IV had an effect on which part of the operational/conceptual DV

What do you do in science?

In science you do experiments and observe things

Were do you find experiments?

You can find experiments on the Internet, in labs, science fairs, almost any place with science involved .

What does the validity mean in a science fair project?

the results