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Decaying leaves mixed into dirt with a hand full of earthworms would be far better as fertilizer than burnt leaves. Burnt leaves would contain a high level of carbon but no cellulose. Mulch of leaves, grasses, soil, and earthworms would be better than burnt leaves because it'd be easier for the nutrients to leech into the soil.

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Q: Why is wood ash a good fertilizer?
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Is ash wood good for furniture?

If it's solid ash wood, then it is pretty good and nice!

What is the commonly used woodc ash in garden fertilizer?

Hardwoods make the best fertilizer- oak, ash, hickory, etc- but any wood ash can be used. Avoid any ash from treated lumber- much of the "green" lumber is treated with some very toxic metals you do NOT want in your tomatoes. We mix wood ash from our wood burning furnace in our compost pile (be CERTAIN that ashes are cold). The alkali from the ash helps offset the acidity of the compost.

What is produced after the burning of wood?

Burning produces smoke (carbon) and gasses, such as Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide, along with water vapor. Ash is left after the wood is burned. We use our wood ash as fertilizer in our garden, for our grapevines, etc.

Is ash wood good for kitchen cabinets?

Yes, ash is good for kitchen cabinets.

Why Bone ash is not used as a fertilizer?

because bone ash is considered as unauspecious

Why does ash wood burn good?

Because it's made of wood.

What is the new substance form in burning of wood?

Wood ash (potash) is the main result of burning wood and potash can be used in the garden as a fertilizer. Also, if wood is slowly burnt (charred?) in a kiln, where oxygen is kept out, charcoal is produced.

Is ash wood natural?

Ash wood is natural and comes from the Ash Tree (Fraxinus).

Is weeping willow wood good for whittling?

Almost as amenable as ash

Are ashes from the barbecue grill safe to apply to your lawn?

Simple answer, yes. The composition of wood ash is influenced by the type of wood that has been burned. Also the conditions of the combustion affect the composition and amount of the residue ash, thus higher temperature will reduce ash yield. Basic charcoal is produced from wood. For a long time wood ash has been used in agricultural soil applications as it recycles nutrients back to the land. Wood ash has some value as a fertilizer, but does not contain nitrogen. Because of the presence of calcium carbonate it acts as a liming agent and will deacidify the soil increasing its pH

What is stronger ash wood or maple wood?

Maple is stronger than ash. Ash is still a very durable floor.

What country does ash wood come from?

ash comes from the middle of the earth. that is why it's called ash it gets burnt a lot in the core of the earth. if you burn wood you get ash