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He/she may not understand the meaning of "cold" and could be using the word to describe some other feeling. It might be a good idea to find out what the term means to the child and see if you can figure out what is really going on. If the child truly is feeling "cold", perhaps there is a low-grade fever. Take your child to the doctor and have a T3/T4 blood test done on him for thyroid.

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it really is a sign of affection to the new born it is mainly because of the feeling that, the newborn is his/her physical counterpart

What could be the cause of a child constantly having a runny nose?

It could be because the child has an allergy to something in or around the house. my husband had a constantly running nose as a child and it was found to be an allergy to wheat (his mother fed him cream of wheat every am)

What is the significance of a child holding on to a finger?

the feeling of safety and closeness

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The best thing you can do for your child is read to him constantly. The more you read to your child the better chance they have.

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The Best Way to Prevent child abuse is To teach your kids about the Importance of staying away from strangers, and to protect them from harm. My child has been abused, And you get a feeling, you can tell, that somthings strange or off. Don't ignore that feeling.

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yes, because cancer can occur in any age and in any location.

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The child becomes depressed, which affects his or her productivity. The child may take to drugs to wade off the feeling of depression.

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Not necessarily. There is more to it than just lumping it into a "child abuse" category. To many unanswered questions involving the situation to say it was "definately" child abuse.

When a mother constantly harasses a grownup child psychologically and then eagerly nurses the child later is exhibiting what kind of syndrome?

Nagging.>>head games

Was eminem poor as a child?

Yes, they were constantly moving from one place to another and he lived in a trailer.

Is emotional harm intentional or reckless or both?

Both. Some people intentionally abuse people emotionally, many times because it gives them a feeling of power and control. Some people unintentionally abuse others emotionally- such as a man who constantly tells his wife not to wear certain things because it doesn't look good: he may think that by not calling her fat he is not being emotionally abusive, but how she interprets it could be just that. Same with a parent constantly telling a child they are bad- eventually that child will believe that they are bad and start acting how their parents portray them. The parent could possibly have no intention of this harming their child.

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I suspect there's no official statistic for this, but you'd have to put it somewhere around 99% given that no child should really want to do homework.

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Of course, you can name your child anything, but with a name like Eddie, the child would most likely be constantly asked what that was short for.

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By the love, care and tenderness you show your baby.

Why infant not crying loudly?

Every child is unique. It may be just your feeling. However I strongly recommend that you show your child to a pediatrician. It is not correct to come to a conclusion without examining the child.

What are the pros and cons of open adoptions?

the pros of open adoption, you will be able to see your child and keep in touch with your child, the cons it may hurt not to be with your child, maybe you will have feeling of jealousy or regret.

What is sense of responsibility and give example?

Having a sense of responsibility refers to feeling as though one has a stake in the outcome of a situation. An example might be feeling a sense of responsibility for a child one is caring for, thus, that person does not let the child leave their sight.

If a teen is in trouble constantly and wanting to leave home at 17 who is responsible?

The parent. In most states, the parent is responsible for the child until the child officialy becomes an adult.

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Death, a feeling of being removed, mental problems.

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Something you know needs protecting.