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With this 1 of 2 thing could hapeen or both together..The dirty filter does not allow air the cool cycle the evap coil will freeze and the indoor fan that is blowing will not blow through the ice...thus super cooling the area around the evap coil..when in heat mode {if it is a heat pump the outdoor coil will freeze it is the cooler coil in heat cool mode the indoor coil will freeze fisrt and if not caught early it will freeze the whole way to the cond unit..over heating the compresser and eventually knocking it out on a thermal overload....If the indoor coil is in the attic it could flood the drain pan and make a stain in the sheetrock...have a great day, Donald j nesmith

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2006-04-28 01:20:19
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Q: Why is your AC not cooling when you turn it on and no air flow is being sucked into the return area and the filter was super dirty and was removed when the outside unit was checked the line was frozen?
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