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There could be many reasons why a dog is unable to climb steps anymore. The dog may have Arthritis or a bad hip. A vet will be able to determine the reasons why the dog can't go up stairs anymore.

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Why won't my dog climb the stairs anymore?

A reason a dog may not climb the stairs anymore could be due to arthritis pain. The dog may need medication to relieve the pain.

Can a dog who has hip dysplasia climb stairs if one of their hind legs is lame?

Yes, a dog who has hip dysplasia can climb stairs if a hind leg is lame.

Can wolves climb stairs?

Sure they can, they can do anything a dog can.

What causes a dog to fear climbing stairs?

Possibly the dog has had a bad experience with stairs in the past. Often all it takes is one traumatic event to create a permanent impression on a dogs mind. It should be possible to work through this by helping the dog climb stairs with a lot of encouragement from you. Help the dog feel safe and assure it that it is alright and that stairs are a good thing. Treats can help along with time and patience.

How does a dog get out of a pool?

If the pool has stairs and the dog is smart enough, he or she will swim it's way. Otherwise you will have to intervene.

Where can dog stairs be purchased?

Stairs that are designed for small dogs to be able to climb up onto beds and furniture can be purchased from any number of pet supply stores. These pet supplies stores include Pet Smart, Walmart, and Tractor Supply.

Why is your dog chewing on the stairs?

Your dog may be chewing on the stairs because he is teething. If your dog is a puppy this is a likely cause. When you see the dog doing this, say no and give the dog something safe to chew on. Your dog may also be chewing on the stairs because he is bored. Try playing with the dog, and giving him interesting toys to play with.

Can the average dog climb up and down a flight of stairs?

If by 'average' you mean average in age, then the answer is 'yes.' Most dogs can learn to climb stairs without too much difficulty. However, for long-torso breeds like Dachshunds, it is really advisable not to encourage stair climbing. These breeds are much more vulnerable to spinal injuries. As your dog ages, you also need to keep an eye out for signs of arthritis and slowing down. Older dogs often need mobility assistance.

What should i do if every time i try to walk up the stairs my dog randomly jumps on me and knocks me back down the stairs?

You could take your dog to a trainer.

Why does my dog have seizures from falling down stairs?

from shock

Is The dog is at the top of the stairs a declarative sentence?


What dog can climb trees?

Mountain Feist!!!

What does it mean when you see the ghost of a dog?

it is wen your dog stairs in the air, or it starts barking for no reson

What to do if your dog fell down the stairs and hurt herself?

You should probably take your dog to the vets.

Can a dog break a bone by falling down stairs?


Why do your dogs stare at your stairs and bark?

My be the house is haunted or your dog is seeing stuff or you just stand at the top of you stairs and make the dog bark but most likely you house is haunted cause dog know when there is something wrong with your house

What happens when a dog can't go up stairs?

they stay downstairs

What should you do if your dog wont let you whip it anymore?

never whip your dog!

Why is Candy unable to imagine getting rid of his old dog?

He had the dog since he was puppy

What happens when you get your dog spade?

Your dog can't be bred anymore. And the testosterone level lowers.

Does Joe Jonas has a dog?

Not anymore. his dog died a couple odf years ago

Why do dogs not walk up stairs?

Many (most?) dogs do walk up and down stairs. Some dogs avoid stairs because of a bad incident associated with stairs -- being punished or yelled at for getting on then stairs, falling on the steps when a puppy, etc. But, it is not a natural fear and with patient training a dog that has developed a fear of stairs can overcome it.

What is spaying a dog?

it means they cant have babies anymore

When is your dog to old to breed?

i think when your dog is unable to produce eggs or milk, which varys from dog to dog but usually around ten im guessing

What is a cur is it a dog?

'Cur' is another word for 'dog', but it isn't used anymore, except in insults.

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