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If any animal starts going bald, it is a bad sign. Often, sudden baldness is an indication of a problem with the thyroid gland, or it could be more serious. The best option is to take the animal to the vet immediately.

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How do you stop your hamster from going bald?

By taking it to the vet to find out why it is losing its fur.

Is it normal for your hamster to scratch non-stop?

No - if the hamster is going bald in the scratched areas, that sounds like a mite infestation. Take it to the vet.

Why is your hamster bald?

If a hamster is bald or is losing its fur, it may be rubbing up against something which is causing it to lose fur. Your hamster may be old enough to be losing fur. I have a hamster who is nearly 4 and isn't bald, but i also have a hamster who is nearly 2 and is half bald. She has been confirmed for mites and is being treated with antibiotics. If your hamster might have mites, i would suggest going to a vet. If you haven't cleaned out your hamster in a while do that, and it might grow back. I cleaned my hamster out and it grew back for a while, then went again so i changed her cage with a bigger one, but she was still bald. our hamster might even be stressed so place him/her in a quiet place and place a house inside the cage so she/he can retreat there when stressed. Try and calm him/her hold him/her and talk to them so they know you are there. Hope i helped. [: And good Luck.

What does it mean when your hamster goes bald and glows a black spot on his back?

Your hamster goes bald and grows a black spot on its back because it is about to die.

What do you do when your hamster has a bald spot on his head?

Shave the rest of the head

What treatment would your hamster get for having a bald patch?

My hamster used to have a bald patch until i rubbed on some tea tree cream on to the bald area for a couple of days until the fur started to grow back in. Hope this comes in useful :)

Is it normal for a hamster to have a bald spot?

It is not normal and you might want to get it checked out.

Why does my hamster have a swollen butt and a bald spot on his butt?

Maybe because of the type of hamster you have. It might be a Syrian kind of type.

Why is my boxer dog going Bald?

Your boxer dog is going bald because it is aging.

Your hamster has a bald spot right behind his left ear. Is this harmful?

No, all hamsters have bald spots behind their ears.

What do you do if your hamster has a bald spot and a big lump right over his eye?

I'm sorry but your hamster has a disease you have to kill it some how and than burn the body. my old hamster died from that

Is Kevin Rudd going bald?

No he is not going bald. His hair is like every other person's.

Why do hamsters get bald spots?

If your hamster gets a bald patch on its fur, you need to take it to the vet straight away! There is a possibility that it may have parasites.

Is it normal for a hamster to have a bald butt?

yes, if its a dude. those are its man ham parts

Why does your hamster have two bald spots?

Sometimes when hamsters are stressed they rip their fur off.

Why has my hamster got a bald patch?

That really depends where the bald patch is. Its normal for most hamsters to have a bald patch behind their ears. If its somewhere else on their body its likely that its caused from stress. This could be because the hamster is not getting a proper balance of 12 hours light and 12 hours dark, has felt an extreme change in temperature, or is particularly cold or hot. Noises can also cause a hamster stress.

Your hamster is 10 month old and going bald?

You should tske it back where you got it for a free check up. It could have a serious dieses and if you have other hamsters make sure you keep them seperaited

How do you know a hamster is going to have babies?

She might kill the male hamster.

How can you tell a hamster is going to have babies?

you can tell if your hamster is going to have babies if there belly is saggy and it is not getting much exercise.

Is my hamster going to die it dislocated its shoulder?

A hamster with a dislocated shoulder is not going to die. He should be taken to the vet, who can pop the shoulder back into place and heal the hamster.

Is Elton John actually going bald?

Frankly, he is bald. Now he wears a wig.

How was the bald eagle going extinct?


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Why is undertaker going bald?

It comes with age.

Is Darren criss going bald?

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