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Replace Thermostat

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Q: Why is your heat blowing out cold air?
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Jeep Wrangler has no heat?

What do you mean by "has no heat"? No air blowing out, blowing out cold air when heater is on, blowing nothing at all? Heater not turning on? What specifically is happening?

99 kia blowing out cold air not heat?

looking for answer

Why would the heat stop working on 91 Chevy blazer?

Is it blowing cold air only or not blowing any air at all.

The engine is overheating and you have no heat just cold air blowing?

Probably a bad thermostat.

Your car not blowing air or heat what's wrong?

Car not blowing air or heat

What are not examples of exothermic reactions?

Bubbles in a pot , an air conditioner which takes heat in and not out because it it blowing cold air out and absorbing hot air in.

Why havent i got heat coming from my electric fire its just blowing cold air?

Obviously it is broken.

Why does cold air blowing on head cause a headache?

beacuse most of your body heat escapes through the head so if you put cold air on your head to will hurt

Why when the air conditioning is blowing the air is not cold?

out of freon

How winds is blowing?

When cold air sinks to the ground The sun heat it again when the air gets hotter it will rise. The movement of this air is what we feel as wind.

What type of coolant should be used on a 1997 Mazda protege if the car is blowing out cold air?

if car is blowing cold air, you need to check the thermostat,the heater core, and the heat control. the coolant will not blow cold air unless there is no coolant at all in engine,then you have bigger problem anyway

Why is your AC blowing cold air outside and warm inside?

That is exactly how a heat pump works in heating mode are you sure it's not a heat pump?

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