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Based on your question, the first obvious answer is that your boyfriend clearly only likes taking things fast - whatever that may mean (sex?) The other answer is that he feels you're judging him based on past relationships and this has hurt his ego. To be sure, ask him! Specifically, ask him if you have offended him by making the request to go slow (if he's smart, he'll say no.) Then ask him if he prefers going 'fast'. If anything leads to a "yes" then clearly the first answer is correct. You should respond in whatever way you feel is correct, but a good (there is no right or wrong) answer from him should be to respect what you've told him and what you've asked of him. Dont know what his mother told you but if he had an alteria motive to dating you like just wanting sex or to you use for some other reason then you taking it slow could put a damper on his plans. Why should his mother tell you about his past, he should be being honest with you and tell you himself. Not saying by the third date you should know everything but in time while dating I'd say 6 months you should have known from him. Listen, unfortunately in todays world there are what we call "users, opportunists" they are only looking out for themselves. You sound like a sensible girl. If you are not ready for a serious relationship then dont have one. Take it slow, we gals have what we call female intuition and you should listen to yours. You will find that your feelings will guide you through alot of situations. If if doesnt feel right then it isnt. If your still in school, dont get serious with any one guy, go out play the field, dont use anyone, just have fun and be honest with all of them. Im not saying 10 of them , 3 different guys at once is ok, find guys with interests in common with you, just dont have sex with any of them until you feel that the guy has earned that part of you. We should not and cannot give ourselves to any guy just because they want it. My grandfather once said" variety is the spice of life" and he was right. I am married now for 20 years, but before that while I was 16 to 27 I dated alot of guys, I didnt have sex with all of them but I had lots of fun and was able to see the difference in men that helped me to pick the type of guy I should be with. We are opposites in many ways but where it counts, in heart, brain and compassion we are similiar. Have a good time now because you only have one life to live, just be honest with those around you and good to yourself and you'll smile all the time. Good luck.

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Why is my boyfriend do munipulating things that hurt the relationship?

my boyfriend did the same thing. i found out later that he was cheating on me.

How long should a person wait to contact her boyfriend of 5 months after a fight that happened last night?

If you want to sort it out then contact him now. If he needs more time he will tell you but it is better to sort things sooner than later.

If you like a boy and two days later your boyfriend and girlfriend and then you break up but you still like him what do you do?

Just be friends. You are not ready for relationships yet.

What does the song someday by rob thomas mean?

its about someday you can work things out with your boyfriend or girlfriend or maybe your family and that sooner or later that things will work out

With whom did oleg and later leaders form commercial relationships?

Oleg and later leaders formed commercial relationships with the Byzantine Empire

How to contact your boyfriend when you dont know where they live?

Do they have Facebook page, add them if they do. Thats what I did and now I talk to him quite often an them later on I found out where he lives. Good Luck!

What is a sentence with contact?

I am searching for my contact lens. Please contact me later.

What do you do when you find your boyfriend cheating?

Thank me later cheers...

Oleg and later leaders formed commercial relationships with?

the Byzantine Empire

What can i do with my boyfriend on cam?

shut not later now

What to talk with boyfriend?

Talk with your boyfriend about his friends and stuff he cares about. You can also play 20 questions. guys like to be pampered and know that their lady cares about them so ask them how's their day and such. sooner or later you'll eventually have things to talk about.

How does someone end a racial debate with a boyfriend?

Tell them they're right even if they aren't and then just act cold. If he loves you he will apologize later and make things right.

What does it means if your boyfriend dreams his mom and girlfriend died and months later the mom died?

it means that your boyfriend is odd...

Who was A Angelina's first boyfriend?

It was a Mr Miller, who she married later.

Who is Frankie stein boyfriend from Monster High?

Jackson/Holt Later On In The Series You Find Out That They Are Actually The Same Person She Then Puts Their Relation Ship On Hold Until Things Get Sorted Out.

If the guy you like is going out with another girl how can you make him jealous?

There is a code of conduct that women do not interfere with relationships of other women. I am pretty sure that your taking actions to get this girl's boyfriend to notice you at this time would violate that code. He is taken for the time being. Your best bet is to move on. If he becomes available later, then see if he is interested in you. There is a code of conduct that women do not interfere with relationships of other women. I am pretty sure that your taking actions to get this girl's boyfriend to notice you at this time would violate that code. He is taken for the time being. Your best bet is to move on. If he becomes available later, then see if he is interested in you.

Should you hold hands with your boyfriend when you are trick or treating if you are both 13?

Everything you do with your boyfriend sets a standard for later. The more physical contact you have, the less valuable it is. But as far as how other people see you, they will likely write you off as two thirteen-year-olds trying to act older. Sorry.

Who plays DJ's boyfriend on full house?

D.J.'s boyfriend on the later episodes is Steve Hale. He was played by Scott Weigner. He was D.J.'s boyfriend for a while.

What is an example of competition relationships in the tropical rainforest?

An example of competition in the rainforest is .....................(answer will be improved later).

How to recover deleted messages on whatsapp?

You will thank me later contact

Does lady gaga have a husband or a wife?

she has a boyfriend and later will get married :D

Should a 15 year old give her ex-boyfriend another chance if he cheated on her but she really loves him?

It all depends on the situation I say NO start now this young you'll start having problems in all your relationships later down in life.

Could you correct this sentence of going to watch movie later with my boyfriend and brother?

I'm going to watch movie with my boyfriend and my brother after this.

How do you start a conversation with your boyfriend?

To start a conversation with your boyfriend you just have to work up the courage to say something. The best thing would be to tell him how much you like him or say something sweet. If you don't feel comfortable saying things like that try asking him how he is and how his day has been and sooner or later you'll feel more comfortable saying the other things.

You are in a long distance relationship your boyfriend cheated on you and now says he needs a break to fix things but he still loves you and wants to fix things with us and rebuild your relationship r?

Ditch him, and find a guy worthwhile. You'll thank yourself later.