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You should check the fuse, and also do a computer diognostic. You could need a new radiator fan relay or wiring or diode wiring, or a new fan altogether.

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Q: Why is your radiator fan not running?
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Why would a fan runs while you are driving?

There are 2 fans that would be running while you are driving and that is normal... the compressor fan if you have the air conditioner running and the radiator fan runs to help keep the radiator cool while the engine is on.

Why does the radiator fan on my 2005 Chrysler t and c run all the time?

Either your engine is running hot or the fan switch in the radiator has failed or the relay is stuck.

1994 grand prix the radiator fan keeps running and won't stop?

cooling fan relay is bad?

Toyota Tercel is running a bit hot is this all right?

First of all, check the thermostat, the radiator fan, radiator hoses, water pump, radiator leaks. P.s. If you install a radiator fan universal and it don't place really close to the radiator, you can have that problem

When does 2nd fan come on?

when u have ur ac running. the other one is ur radiator fan which runs consistently.

Signs of clogged radiator?

Engine overheating or cooling fan running all the time.

Why do engine coolant fan keeping running after engine is turn off on 1999 intrigue?

The engine coolant fan can keep running after the engine is turned off in any car because the temperature gauge is in the radiator. As long as the radiator is still hot, the fan will keep running until the temperature gauge says it has cooled enough.

The radiator cooling fan on your opel astra is running all the time how do you fix this?

check the cooling fan sensor somewhere attached of the fan housing.

Why does a Chrysler Town and Country fan motor keep running after engine off and runs battery dead?

The radiator fan should not run after the key is shut off. The normal cause is a failed radiator fan relay.

Overheating Saturn with ac on?

with the engine running and the a/c on check the electric cooling fan on the radiator, if it is not running the relay or the fan motor is probably bad (maybe loose connector)

Does a 2004 chrysler pt cruiser have a fan clutch?

No, the radiator fan is electric.No, the radiator fan is electric.

Why is a 2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser running hot?

Radiator fan inoperative, thermostat stuck closed, coolant low, radiator restriction, etc.

Why does the radiator cooling fan keep running on your 2001 Chrysler Town and Country?

Usually a bad fan motor relay not telling it to shut off

Why is my radiator fan running continusly on mercedes E200 2000 model?

The radiator fan is designed to run continuously while the engine is running so that the temperature of the coolant can be lowered. The coolant is continuously run through the engine, collecting engine heat and dispersing it over the radiator fins; while the fan blows the fins and cooling off the coolant before recirculating back through the engine in a continuous cycle.

The fan on your 1991Ford Tempo will not quit running after you turn the car off?

There is probably a short in the fuse block or maybe you just might have a problem with the remote wire for the fan. Is It the radiator fan or the A/C fan?

1996 cavalier check engine light is on with the radiator fan running but radiator is cold any answers for this?

Check the fan relay for the 1996 Cavalier. Also, check the coolant sensor, one of these is most likely bad.

How to fix 1987 olds cutlass ciera radiator fan will not stop running?

Thermal relay is stuck. Replace it.

1997 Audi A4 Stays cold after running?

Thermostat failed in open position or radiator fan permanently on

Why do the the fans keep running for a minute after you turn off your 2000 Buick regal?

The radiator cooling fan will run to cool the radiator to below the fan turn on temperature. You may want to have your cooling system checked if it happens regularly as your Buick may be running hotter than normal when driving.

Pontiac Sunfire running cool?

check to see if the thermostat is hung open or your temperature sensor for your fan is out and causing your fan on your radiator to run continuously when key is on.

What would make a 2000 Plymouth voyager fraidator fan keep on running after you have shut off the motor?

Where is the radiator fan relay at on a 2000 Plymouth voyager

Why does my Audi 80 fans run on?

If the fan that is running is the radiator fan, this is nothing to be concerned with. Some vehicles have fans that will run even if the car is off. The fans run to cool the engine down. If it continues to run, the radiator fluid may need to be replaced. If the fan that is continually running is the heater/air conditioner fan, there is an issue with the switch that turns it on and off, or in the electrical system. This can be checked by a mechanic.

How do you remove 1996 Ford Mustang radiator fan from its radiator motor?

How to remover 1996 ford mustang radiator fan from the radiator motor

Why are your fan blowers on all the time on 1996 jetta?

If you mean the radiator fan make sure the airconditioning is off. If the fan keeps running it could be a bad fanswitch (located on radiator tank. Or a failed control relay (if fitted) If still no luck check for a failed AC fan control relay.

What causes radiator fan to run all the time in cavalier 97?

The fan relay is most likely stuck closed. Remove the relay to see if the fan stops running, if the fan stops, replace the relay.