Why is your skin black?

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No you can not get black skin

yes tigers skin is black

The Chinese Sharpei has black skin.

why is my chihuahas skin turning black

NO! They don't have black skin. Their skin is spotted.

If you are referring to skin color, no. If you mean the color black but not a skin color, then yes.

Black. because anime skin is black.

She is black in color she had bleached her skin

turtle has black white and red skin

his skin color was black or African American his skin color was black or African American

The skin of a polar bear is black while the fur is actually clear, giving the appearance of white.

I can only tell you my black German sherpherd has white skin - hope this helps.

they have black pigments in their skin

A kiwi FRUIT has brown with green skin. A kiwi BIRD has brown furry skin, not usually black.

well I know some swans have black skin but most are white

The colour of a polar bear skin is actually black.

Skin color is the same as the respective fur on top of it; the skin under the black fur is black, and under the white fur is white.

the black substance obtained on the skin after hard rubbing are actually the dead cells of the skin epithelium which on rubbing mixes with the natural moisturizer i.e. sebum and comes on the skin as the black substance

there skin is not white their fur is but their skin is black

No. Your skin pigmentation is something you are born with. However some skin conditions can cause areas of the skin to darken (or lighten if you are black).

If your female dog's nipples are turning black and she has black patches on her skin, this may be normal for her specific breed. If it is not, she may have Black Skin Disease, also known as Alopecia X.

Yes. When black babies are born their skin is light. But over the first week their skin will become darker.

my terrior"s skin is turning black and seems to be spreading how can I treat it

Black chickens, blackhorses

It is a pigment in their skin.

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