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Q: Why is your torrent slower than before although of high number of seeders and fast broadband?
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How can you download many episodes at once?

There are special torrents available on trusted torrent sites. I recommend that you check the number of seeders and the comments on the torrent before you download it. This will make sure that you are not download a fake torrent.

Can you download songs from torrent?

Yes, you can download anything from torrent sites. You can search for particular songs or artist followed by the words "torrent" and "download" straight in your regular search engine- Google, Yahoo, etc. or you can go straight to one of the biggest torrent sites and use their search box. If the songs you are looking for are not that popular or are kinda old, i would recommend just using Google or Yahoo. Just read some info on seeders and leechers before downloading anything from torrents.ORYou can get an invite to almost all torrent sites here:

How you would know that the torrent file is a zip file before download?

you can see the properties or txt file with that torrent

What did people use before broadband?

bum sex.

What is the best website to get call of duty world at war pc for free from?

A torrent site, but before you can use those links you have to get a Torrent engine.

How do you patch a torrent file?

i dont know i havent done it before

How can you fix your turtle beach x32s?

I tried pairing the headset with the broadband connection thing before. But the broadband connection thing slowly lights up blue and repeats. I already paired them before and used the headset before.

How do you torrent download?

BitTorrent (or simply Torrent)To know more about torrent, go here:Link: method was introduced to me by a friend. As far as I know, this is the safest method I have ever tried. All you have to do is to search for a torrent, read comments about it, and then download! Here's the procedure:Step 1Download and install one of the followinguTorrentBitLordStep 2Go to This site is like Google. It is a search engine for torrents. You just type in the file you wanted to download (e.g. game, software, etc). Results will then be displayed like a list. From the list, you may choose and click. You will be given the list of websites where you can download the torrent file. (e.g. mininova, thepiratebay, etc.)Step 3After being redirected to the website you clicked, you may now download the torrent BUT before you do so, I advice you to READ COMMENTS. Not all torrents are working fine and worse, some contain virus that may crash your pc (like what I have experienced T_T). From other users' comments, you may find out if the torrent you will be downloading is in good shape. If there are no comments, I think you should not download it and let someone try it first. Say comments are okay with the torrent, proceed to the download.Step 4Downloading the torrent does not actually mean you already have the file you wanted. Torrent is just a trigger to the download. To start the download, double click the torrent. This will call for the application we installed in step#1. That should begin the download.Step 5You waitStep 6Enjoy your fileNOTE:There are two persons involved in BitTorrent protocol. The seeder (the one who shares the file) and the leecher (the one who gets the file). Speed of download depends on the number of seeders. If there are many seeder, you can have the file in no time. However, seeders are sometimes limited, causing your download to slow down. Good thing about this method is you can pause it and then resume it. If the download is not yet down, but you have to turn off your PC, you can pause it, then resume it in some other time.This is ILLEGAL.

What does queued on Utorrent?

"Queued" means the torrent job is waiting for another torrent job to finish downloading before starting. "Queued seed" means the torrent job is waiting for another torrent job to finish seeding before starting. Source: uTorrent help file - Press F1 while uTorrent is open. Torrents are queued in accordance with the settings in uTorrent at Options>Preferences>Queueing

How do you seed in BitTorrent?

When you are finished downloading do not stop the torrent. You just need to have a full copy of the original files, and be connected to a tracker that hosts that torrent. If you want to upload or share a never-before-seen or new torrent, then you'll have to find a tracker to host/distribute your torrent. has free logins and then you can upload.

Where can I get some online information about broadband internet solutions for my company?

Future Generations Technology has a great breakdown of broadband business solutions. Check their site for more information. HughesNet has some great broadband business solutions. My company consulted with them before adding broadband last year.

Do Isohunt torrents contain viruses?

It is possible a torrent downloaded from Isohunt can contain a virus. The virus has less to do with which website the torrent was located and more to do with the torrent itself. It is always best to check the comments before downloading a torrent. Torrents are often used to violate copyrighted music and movie files which is an illegal act.