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swollen prostate and white cell count 28

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Q: Why is your white blood cell count 28?
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What does abscd8-cd57 equals lymphs mean equals 28?

abs = absolute count. It is the number of that type of cell in a given volume. CD8 identifies suppressor/ cytotoxic lymphocytes. CD57 identifies a type of cell called a natural killer (NK) cell. If they mean CD8 positive and CD57 positive it is the count of NK cells. If they mean CD8 positive and CD 57 negative then it is the count of suppressor T cells (that are not N cells). What 28 means would depend on the units. Sorry to be a bit complicated. Basically, they are counting a specific type of white blood cell.

When you start your period if you have brown old blood first do you count those days as your 28 days or do you start counting when the blood is red?

When you start your period if you have brown, old blood first you count those days as the first day of your 28 day menstrual cycle. You do not have to start counting day one when the blood is red.

Was a white blood cell count of 28 dangerous?

That depends on what it was before. It also depends on what is causing the high number. Many things can cause leukocytosis (high white blood cells) ranging from psychological stress, trauma, infection, and cancer. It is important to know why the person had the test done in the first place. Raymond Zakhari, EdM, MS, NP-BC Primary Care Medical House Calls in New York City

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How do you count 28 days of menstruation cycle?

you could use a calender to count off the days.

What is the Hormone count at 5 weeks?

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Does it count every 28 days after you end your period?

Even though some women can ovulate slower or faster than others, the normal count between periods is to count 28 days from the day you BEGIN a period.