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because, the gravity and density in water is much less then in normal air. so if someone or something above water is heavy, then under water it will seem alot less heavy. and another reason might be because many objects have air in them and in water air will float to the top. that's why cruise ships float and not sink, because of the air in them, it keeps them afloat. so if ur handling something under water that has air in it, its gonna seem alot lighter because its "trying" to get to the surface.

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Q: Why it is easier to lift a heaby stone under water than it air?
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Why is it easier to lift a heavy stone when fully immersed in water?

because the amount of force in water is equal to the amount of force in water

Why does an stone go under the water?

Because the stone weighs more than the same volume of water. If you fill a container to the brim with water, then put a stone into the water and catch the water that overflows from the container, that overflowed water will weigh less than the stone does. If you did the same thing with a cork, and used a pin to push the cork under the surface of the water, the overflowed water would weigh more than the cork.

How do you get aron to evolve in Pokemon gale of darkness?

You need a iron stone you find it under water nearly everwhere You need a iron stone you find it under water nearly everwhere

Where to get a water stone in Pokemon platinum?

go under ground

How do you sharpen a throwing star?

you sharpen it on a stone under running water

Why does a stone feel lighter when it was under water?

because the upthrust force of the water acting on the stone was pushing the stone upwards meaning it was acting against the downwards weight of the stone (its weight). This meant that the downwards force was decreased and therefore felt lighter :)

Is it a fact that Egyptians used logs to roll stone blocks?

Yes it is. They also used water to make it roll easier.

Why is it easier to hold someone in the water?

Because of buoyancy. just on top. try holding them under the water, it gets harder

How do you get a water stone emerald?

Use Dive in deep water around Mossdeep city and Sootopolis. There might be a stone under the water. press it and you will get either a green, blue or yellow shard depending on where you dived. Take this to a guy who lives on a island a little north west of Mossdeep and he will give you either a leaf stone, water stone or lightning stone.

What would you recommend to install on the water line tile or stone?

Tile because it is less likely to stain and if it does get marked it easier to clean.

Can you carbondate a piece of stone?

No, not yet at least. But it can be estimated how long an object has been under water.

Why is it easier to clap your hands in air than under water?

It Is Easier To Clap Your Hands In Air Then In Water Because There Is Alot Of Space Between The Particles. Very Less Particles In The Given Space And Farapart That's Why It Is Easier

Is stone denser than water?

yes, stone is denser than water. Just like a rock, a stone is denser than water, that is the reason a stone would not float on water

What day can you get the water stone in Pokemon SoulSilver?

On Monday you can get a leaf stone, Tuesday you can get a fire stone, Wednesday you can get a water stone

Where do stone crabs mostly live?

in holes or near rocks. if there is a cinderblock under water there will probabally be one in there

Where do you get a water stone in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

i found about three whilst i was mining at the rock under ground

Is a petoskey stone a sedimentary rock?

yes it is rounded out from being under the water it also has fossils from coral.

When was Stone in the Water created?

Stone in the Water was created in 2009.

What is a stone's mass in water?

The mass of a stone in water is the mass of the stone outside water. The mass of an object is always its mass. (This assumes we are not discussing the theory of relativity.) On Earth, or the Moon or in water or not, mass is mass. What might be relevant, however, is the weight of a stone in water compared to the weight of a stone outside the water. Weight and mass are different. If you hold a stone in water and hold the same stone in air, you can feel a difference in the force you must apply to support the stone. In water, the stone feels a buoyant force equal the the weight of the water displaced. That is Archimedes principle. There is a difference in the apparent weight of a stone in water and a stone out of water equal to the eight of the water displaced.

Why doesn't a stone float?

The stone is heavier than the same volume of water. In short the density of the stone is more than the water. So the stone does not float on the water.

What stones can evee use?

you can use a fire stone water stone and thunder stone on an evee fire stone is flareon thunder stone is jolteon and water stone is vaporeon

What are all the Pokemon that can evolve with the water stone the fire stone and the leaf stone on platinum?

The Pokémon that can evolve with the Water Stone, the Fire Stone and the Leaf Stone in Pokémon Platinum are Poliwhirl, Shellder, Staryu and Lombre with the Water Stone, Vulpix and Growlithe with the Fire Stone, Gloom, Weepinbell, Exeggcute and Nuzleaf with the Leaf Stone and Eevee can evolve with either the Water Stone or the Fire Stone.

Why do woodlice live under a stone?

woodlice loose water rapidly and by living under stones it prevents the sun from affecting them therefore they are able to retain more water. But sometimes they live under rocks and logs because its damp and wet.

Why it is easier to lift a bucket full of water under the surface of water?

Because all that you are actually lifting is the bucket. The water is moving in it's own medium and so is weightless.

How do you get a water stone in platinum?

Go underground and you could get a water stone there