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Generally, powering up isn't as much of a problem, although certain peripheral equipment may not be identified during startup if they aren't already on when the computer tries to find them. Just put everything on a single shut-off switch and that problem should be solved. As for the shutdown process, certain operating systems leave files in strange "states" during operation and if the computer does not go through an orderly shut down the files will not be updated properly and will be corrupted next time your computer attempts to read them.

For removable media the above answer is true. If the hardware is a peripheral accessory device (scanner, printer, etc) the only risk is corrupting the operating system (typically & unfortunately Windows) drivers which could (but unlikely) have adverse and unpredictable results. The damage or dysfunction which could occur to the actual hardware are always described in the documentation which came with the device.

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Q: Why it is important to use the correct powering up and shutting down procedures on computer hardware?
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Why should you shutdown the computer without powering off directly?

If you do NOT shutdown you computer/laptop without powering it off directly it may casue problems when you try use it again and also because you can loos work and important pecies of information

The difference between a cold boot and warm boot?

A cold boot is done by completely powering down the computer to off and then starting the computer fresh. A warm boot is restarting the computer without powering the computer off.

Does powering down computer stresses critical components and these parts should be replaced?

No. Frequently powering down your computer actually helps lengthen its lifetime. Continually running the computer even when you're not using it stresses the components.

What should you do after powering off the computer?

wait then go back and turn it on

What are the first computer instructions available when the microcomputer is powering up?

Rom bios

What does hot swapping mean?

Hot-swapping refers to the removal and/or addition (swapping) of hardware into a computer system while it is running. On a normal desktop computer this is a very stupid thing to do and will result in damaged hardware and/or electrocution, but file servers are often designed specifically to allow the replacement of certain components (usually hard drives or power supplies) without powering the machine down. This is done by having redundant hardware that kicks in when needed allowing the device in question to be powered off and removed.

Which PC bus allows you to connect a NIC to your computer easily without powering off?


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Booting a computer involves powering it on and letting the BIOS load the operating system from secondary memory. This is usually from the hard drive.

What allows you to remove one card and insert another without powering down your computer?

hot plugging

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battery does not power the transmission,but it does run the computer that tells the transmission what to do

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The two most important things to not do with a personal computer is to shut it off while the PC is powering down; and download information from suspicious websites. The two things a person should do with a PC is to back up the information on the PC on a regular basis; and to keep the PC dust free & in a place of room temperature.

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Is UPS part of a computer?

No. A UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) is separate to a computer which is powered electrically and contains a big internal battery for use of powering computers in the event of a power cut.

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Which two interface types make it possible to attach different external components to laptops and desktops without powering the computer off?

firewire and usb

Four steps involved in booting up a computer?

Powering up the computerComputer running the POST (Power On Self Test)Computer looks for an operating system to boot fromComputer loads operating system, operating system takes it from there

What are the given signs that a computer have crashed?

Some signs of a crashed computer would be webpages not loading, noisy CPU, shutting down on its own, not going to the start screen, seeing blue screen, and not powering up.

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There are several possibilities but I'd start with the power supply. Test it before you replace it.

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