Why it is important when treating minors under 16 years of age to have a parent of guardian present?


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2020-06-29 16:33:12
2020-06-29 16:33:12

Their parents know them best and can give you an insight on how the minor works. You shouldn't be involved anyway as this is not your child and you have no idea on how this child works and you will make things worst for the child because you have absolutely no idea on how this child works and can mess this child up even further with your false theories as this is a child and can be easily influenced. The arrogance that comes with putting yourself in a position to call the shots for families when you are not familiar to anything that is going on with this family and you think that you know best when this is not your family is unbelievable. I wish I was in charge.


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Legally, children are not competent to make their own rational decisions. They require an adult to guide or make the decision for them.

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Some states allow minors to get tattooed if their parent or legal guardian is present. Others require only a signature. Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, and Louisiana all require consent for minors. However, in most states tattooing of minors in prohibited regardless of parental consent.

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An advocate is a person who speaks for another person. A guardian, on the other hand, is in charge of the person. For example, many guardians are in charge of minors, while advocates speak for the disabled and minors.

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The 'minor' has no say in the matter.

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