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because men are considered to be the persons who care for their parents and children very much. so they should be educated well in order to get jobs for looking after their family.

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Q: Why literacy rate high among the males of India?
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What is Tokyo's literacy rate?

Japan has a literacy rate of 99 percent among both males and females over the age of 15. The population of Japan is 126 million inhabitants.

What is the literacy percentage rate for all Chinese people both females and males worldwide?

The literacy rate for all Chinese people both females and males worldwide is a very high 100%

What religion promoted a high literacy rate among its disciples?


What is the literacy rates are in china?

The literacy rate is defined as the number of people aged 15 and over who can read and write. In the 2000 census, this figure for Thailand was 92.6% of the population: males - 94.9% and females - 90.5%.

How does literacy affect the standard of living in india Give me a short easy sentences someone?

Countries with a high literacy rate usually have a high GDP per capita. Nations with low GDP frequently have lower literacy rates since the people in that country have less access to education, and children often have to work to help support the family.

What is the literacy rate in Nicaragua?

According to the 2000 census the literacy rate for Costa Rica was 94.9%

Did wealthy people write ancient Hebrew?

Some wealthy people could read and write ancient Hebrew, and some couldn't. Just as some non-wealthy people could read and write ancient Hebrew, and some couldn't.Unlike other cultures of the time, literacy was high among ancient Hebrew males.

How high is a high literacy rate?

The highest literacy rate possible is 100. Countries with a 100 percent literacy rates for both male and female are Finland, Norway, Greenland and so on.

How does literacy rate impact a GDP?

the GDP does not affect the literacy rate. The literacy rate affects the GDP. normally the higher the literacy rate, the higher the GDP, but not always. Some countries can have a very high literacy rate, but not a high GDP. but most of the time the higher the literacy rate, the higher the GDP and standard of living.

Why is the literacy rate so high in Poland?

Literacy rate in Poland is so high because there is a compulsory schooling for all children.

What is literacy in Cuba?

The literacy rate for Cuba is high therefore so is the standard of living

What is the literacy rate of Ethiopia?

Ethiopia's literacy rate is 35.9%