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Why magsaysay called the Savior of democracy in the Philippines?

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The Philippines is called a republican state becaus ethe form of democracy used in the governement of the Philippines is that of a republic. A republic is a government in whihc the people select representatives to sit in a legislature and make the laws.

A government which is based on a representative democracy is called a Democracy.

the answer is direct democracy

The Philippines is a republic and is/was called "the Republic of the Philippines" because of certain government changes in modes of operation.

A cyclone affecting the Philippines is called a typhoon.

A republic is also called a representative democracy.

Constitutional democracy is the form of democracy in the United States.

A limited franchise democracy called a representative democracy.

The currency of the Philippines is the Philippine Piso. It used to be called the Peso.

The Athenian style of democracy is called a direct democracy.

This type of democracy is called a Parliamentary Democracy or a Parliamentary Republic.

The people of the Philippines are called Filipinos.

The city is called Zamboanga in the Philippines.

El Salvador means the savior. So when the Spanish conquered this area of land they dedicated it to Christ the savior.

Greece is called the cradle of democracy because ancient Greeks and especially Athenians, invented the system of democracy and practiced it for the first time in history.

They are called so because the keep on giving the breaking news of the democracy-it's my opinion!

The people of the Philippines are called Filipinos.

The Philippines is a country in Southeast Asia.

The Filipino people live in the Philippines.

jesus christ is only the saviour of the world...

The Philippines is a country. Its people are called Filipinos.

Isnt it komodo dragon is called bayawak in the philippines?

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