Why marchantia sp.not widespread?

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Is marchantia monoecious or dioecious?

marchantia is dioecious

Elaters of marchantia are haploid?

no, they are diploid

Structural differences between marchantia and dryopteris?

Both Dryopteris sp. and Marchantia sp. live in damp areas.Their spores are produced by meiosis.

The term for the body of a bryophyte such as Marchantia is?


What is an example of a liverwort?

example of a liverwort is "marchantia"

What are differences between Marchantia and Dryopteris?

Spelling and definition.

How is the gametophyte of marchantia sp differ from gametophyte of polytrichum sp?


What is the function of elater in the capsule Marchantia sp?

it forces the dispersal of spores

What two plants are without tubes?

you mean nonvascular plants? Riccia & Marchantia

How is the gametophyte of marchantia sp different from the gametophyte of funaria sp?

the gametophyte of marchantia sp is thalloid and dorsi-ventrally flattened while that of funaria sp is differentiated into leaf-like, stem-like and root-like structures

Is ture that many plants including the liverwort marchantia can only reproduce sexually?


What are some examples of liverworts?

Riccia, Marchantia, Anthoceros, Plagiochasma, Asterellaetc. are the examples of Liverworts.

Is widespread an abstract noun?

No, the word widespread is an adjective, a word that describes a noun, for example a widespread belief or a widespread contamination.There is no noun form for the adjective widespread.

What is the function of elater found in the capsule Marchantia sp?

i dont should blame on matriculation programme

What are two plants without tubes?

ricca and marchantia are two plants without tubes they are also non-vascular

What is special adaptational features which enable Marchantia to live successfully in the damp and shady place?

without roots or vascular systems

What is a sentence that uses the widespread?

I think you mean "uses the WORD widespread." Here are some sentences.There was widespread famine following the war.Widespread panic greeted the president as he toured the disaster zone.The epidemic caused widespread death.

In a sentence how would you use widespread in it?

There is widespread use of the internet.

What is an example of non vascular plant?

Plants belonging to Algae, Fungi and Bryophytes are nonvascular plants. for example Riccia, Marchantia etc.

What is the most widespread cactus?

the most widespread cactus is prickly pear

What is asexual reproduction not as widespread in?

Asexual reproduction is not as widespread in animals as it is in plants

When did the widespread use of computers begin?

To me computers widespread during 1990's. JavidKhan To me computers widespread during 1990's. JavidKhan

What tissue is the most widespread tissue in the body?

Connective tissue is the most widespread.

What is a sentence for widespread?

Widespread fear was kept in check by the principal's calm demeanor.

How do you use widespread in a sentence?

The media irresponsibly reported an unconfirmed rumor, causing an unnecessary, widespread panic. The word widespread is an adjective, and the word extensive is a synonym.