Why men look at other women?

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It's rude to look and a waste of time. Why make your spouse feel any less about themselves in any way? If you are committed to someone and you appreciate who they are and what they do and your lives together, is looking at someone else to think about them later or fantasize about them in any way a good thing for your relationship? Sure there are attractive people, but it is exhausting to have to always be thinking that the person you're with is finding everyone around you attractive. It only makes, especially women, feel bad about themselves because images of women are EVERYWHERE....we are all being brainwashed with sexual images of women and how can a women not feel insecure with the men in their life going around and consuming all these images and using them to fantasize with? Is this what life is about? How about spending the time to work on a project, or visit a family member, or volunteer...

Women and men are bombarded with unreal images of women everyday and everywhere. Men feel entitled to look and consume all these images and it is doing no good for women. We are constantly feeling insecure about ourselves because all of this objectivity is getting out of control. All the movies have at least one topless woman, women are used to sell everything.... Why do women have to just accept that men will look?....women want to look too...and recent studies have shown that women ARE JUST AS VISUAL and respond EQUALLY to sexual images as men, so those arguments are no longer valid. It is a matter of respect and women are no longer being respected.
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Why do men look at other women?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nMen may sometimes look at other women because he thinks that they are attractive, but might not be attracted to them. Even if you have a husband

Why do men who claim to be in love look at other women?

Loving men looking at other women Being in love with one woman doesn't stop other women from being visually pleasing. It doesn't mean he doesn't love you, it doesn't mean he

Why do married men look at other women?

For most men they will look at other women and just because they are married doesn't mean they can't appreciate a nice looking woman. Married women can also look at other men

What are men looking at when they look at other women?

what men look for in another woman . \ni think when i look at another woman it may not even be qualities she might posess but maybe a little recognition on her part . sort

When in a relationship why do men look at other women?

us men look at other women because well we are men and we will ALWAYS look at other women but to let you know we still will always love you(except when you get a divorce and f

Why are women in relationships not interested in looking at other men?

I would believe most women in a relationship have love for the other person and would not want to look else where. Why would a person be in a relationship and still look aroun

Why do married women look at other men?

Generally, to do comparisons to their own man. This is usually done to support their choice of partner, and not to seek a new partner.
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Why do men always look at other women?

Men are not the only ones who look- women look also because it is human nature. Men identify love with sex. Perhaps you should spice things up more often. If that does not wor
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Do women look at other men in a relationship?

It depend and not all women look for a relationship when they stare or look at a man. When women look at a man, most of the times we only admire how a man bring himself, the w
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Why does a married women look at other men?

It's our curiosity, just like men married of not they love to stare at woman who looks good and has some style. Sometimes when we see a man who looks good, dress up nicely and