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I had this problem that was intermittant on my 1992 300E. after alot of searching, they discovered it was a crankcase sensor that was broken. does not show up on computer. it only happened when the engine was warm. the car would shut off after i had driven it 10 miles and would not restart till it cooled down. ANSWER 2 I think you will need to give LOT more information than this. Dead battery, corrosion built up on battery terminals, dead fuel pump, bad sensor, blown fuse, blown wiring, corroded wiring, bad distributor, bad spark plugs, out of gas, clogged fuel injectors, blown motor, dead cat caught in your belts, packrat taken up residence in your crank case, you ran it with no oil and it has seized up, I mean I could really go on and on. Please give specifics.

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โˆ™ 2008-02-28 22:36:15
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Q: Why might a 1990 Mercedes 300e not start?
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