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the usual suspect that causes overheating on puntos is the thermo switch on the radiator, if you look down at the radiator it is located towards the bottom right and has two wires on it. if it is the head gasket you can easily tell by checking your oil (it turns white) check your water (oil floating in it) and the biggest tell tale sign is hissing coming from your radiator when you stop(compression leak)the thermo switch is about a tenner and head gaskets are also about a tenner from any decent car spares shop. if it is the head gasket and you can`t fit it yourself get a friend to fit it as garages will take you to the cleaners.

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Q: Why might a 1995 fiat punto 55sx overheat?
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Where is the fuse for the indicators fiat punto 55sx 1.1?

Fuse F1. 3rd one along on the top row. Should be a 15a.

Should there be a pipe from top of exhaust manifold to air filter housing on 1994 Fiat Punto 55SX?

Possibly not The pipe in question is fitted to enable the engine to take in warm air during cold conditions. This reduces the chances of the carburettor freezing. If the fitting is on the manifold of your Punto air intake convoluted metal hoses are available at good accessory shops

The torque settings for your fiat punto 55sx cylinder head gasket and the bolt tightening order please?

bolt patternstart in the middle then work your way in a zig-zag type fashion one bolt then on the opposite side another bolt another on the opposite side until the last bolts you tighten are the remaing two bolts on each end of the head in a "x" pattern as long as its even you do not need the exact pattern I don't know the exact ft. pounds probably 80 or 90 but you can find it in a manuel at the nearest auto parts store just write it down in the store you can even get the exact patern if you want just remember to do it about 20 pounds at a time then 10 on your last 30 ft. pounds. AnswerPunto 55 engine code 176A7.000Torque figuresstage 1. 20 newton metresstage 2. 30 newton metresstage 3. + 90 degreesstage 4. + 90 degreestorque sequence8 6 2 5 107 3 1 4 9bolts 9 & 10 are the flywheel side of the engine

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It is important to know the meanings behind the warning lights in a car. A description for a 1995 Fiat Punto warning lights can be found in the owners manual.

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what are the pins for on a wheel drum?

What size are the dash board speakers of fiat punto 75 1995 model?

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